March 29

Head's blog - April 2023

As we approach the end of yet another busy term, I am writing to wish you the very best for the Easter holidays. For Year 11 and 13, our students will be settling into their revision schedules and preparing for their external examinations that they have been working towards for some time. I hope that they remember the advice they have been given from their study workshops around good sleep habits, healthy diet, and ensuring they have time to exercise and get plenty of fresh air to put their minds in the best place for learning. Please do reach out to us if you feel you need any additional support with this. 

As always, we have had so much going on. At Junior School, Years 3 and 4 have been developing their outdoor learning skills in their Hive workshops, Year 1 have been looking at what’s coming up in Key Stage 2 in Sport and getting ready to enter the world of competitive sports, supported by our very able and passionate Year 6 students and specialist PE teachers. Year 6 are busy preparing themselves for the transition into Senior School and we had our first Song & Story sessions for girls who will be joining us in Nursery in September, led by our Director of Music. 

At Senior School, the cast of 13 performed a showstopper of a musical (well done to all involved), we had a very diverse and fun-filled STEAM Week and some wonderful external events for our local community including The Mary Evans Picture Library Talk and a beautiful, nostalgic school tour and lunch with our Old Girls' Association. There is never a quiet day or week here at Blackheath High School! 

Finally, if you haven’t done so already, don’t forget to register on our great new partner platform - Tooled Up Education - providing a wealth of resources on real-life parenting.   

I do hope you have a wonderful break and that our girls are able to recharge to allow them to come back for an exciting Summer term ahead!

Best wishes, 


Mrs Natalie Argile 

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