Welcome From Our Head of Juniors

Sarah skevington junior head for slt profile

Our Junior School nurtures girls in their most formative years, introducing children to the world of learning. The foundations are laid for independent study, the ability to problem solve, and understanding of the world of today and their role within it and. Our Junior School girls have enquiring minds and the motivation to succeed.

Our ethos encompasses so much more than academic excellence. We live in challenging times and we want to equip our girls with qualities to deal with life's inevitable downs as well as ups. We want independent and resilient learners, confident and secure enough to try and then bounce back, if success is not immediate. Our teachers create a caring, supportive environment in which these qualities are fostered, within a curriculum which makes school an exciting place to be. 

Additionally, as a Tooled Up Education school all our parents have access to the Tooled Up Education digital library; an evidence-based resource including enlightening podcasts and educational webinars, that supports both parents and staff to bridge the gap between school and daily life.

Clubs and societies flourish and staff involve pupils in supervised activities at lunchtime and after school. Pastoral care is given the highest priority and pupils are supported by staff in all aspects of life.

Continuity of education is pivotal to Blackheath High School with Junior School girls receiving a strong transition programme from Year 4. Girls transferring to the Senior School are not required to sit the 11+ entrance exam that external candidates do, however, most chose to sit the exam as they enjoy the challenge. Awards of bursaries and scholarships are based on the 11+ results.

Sarah Skevington
Head of Juniors