Message From Our Head Student

At first, the transition from Year 11 into Sixth Form may seem like a daunting leap to usHead Student Team Grace Image2 all. However, Blackheath High Sixth Form allows students to adapt their perspectives on this seemingly intimidating change and come to realise that this is simply a small step into one of the most exciting stages of our school journey.

Our Sixth Form offers a variety of different A-level choices ranging from Textiles to Mandarin. We are provided with an environment that allows both STEM and Humanity focused students to thrive. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the pressures of choosing your A-level subjects, but our Sixth Form significantly alleviates the weight of making this decision by giving us the opportunity to try a range of different subjects in the Autumn term, before making our final decisions. This allows students to be certain they enjoy the subjects they have chosen and eliminates any prior doubts they may have had. This helps to ensure that we have the best A-level experience possible.

The Sixth Form is accompanied by a newfound sense of freedom thanks to the study periods and Exeat that we are entrusted with. Having set times to study independently throughout the day allows us to grow and mature as individuals; it also helps us improve our time management skills in preparation for university. The several designated spaces within our Sixth Form Centre, such as the Common room and the Laws Library, provide us with the perfect quiet spaces needed for independent working. Although developing these skills is greatly encouraged within the Sixth Form, it is important to note that students at Blackheath High are constantly provided with support and encouragement from our teachers. Our small class sizes ensure that we build close relationships with our teachers and feel comfortable asking for their guidance whenever necessary.

Beyond the curriculum, students are encouraged to pursue their passions through a multitude of different opportunities that we are provided with. The wide variety of clubs that our Sixth Form offers ensures that you will find something that suits your interests and feeds your curiosity. Having the chance to run your own society is a great way of sharing your passions with others, whereas events such as the annual Fashion Show, and Teatime Concerts, allow students to showcase their hard work.

A unique experience that Blackheath High’s Sixth Form offers, is the exceptional Wollstonecraft Speaker Series. This programme consists of guest speakers from different professions, that are invited every fortnight to share their experiences and give us advice on our next steps forward. These lectures have inspired us and allowed us to see the countless career paths that we could pursue in the future; we hear from a multitude of professions from barristers to theatre directors and politicians to scientists.

Our Sixth Form provides us with outstanding support when it comes to preparing for post-Sixth Form options. We have access to several online platforms, such as Unifrog, with which we can research university courses and other possible avenues that we may be considering. Teachers aid us by reviewing our drafts for our Personal Statements, and regular one-to-one meetings with our dedicated Higher Education Team help us plan our next steps with ease.

There are countless more things I would love to share with you about our Sixth Form, but I am sure that you will discover these shortly upon arrival. On behalf of the Sixth Form, we are beyond excited to welcome you all as Year 12 students and we can guarantee that you will form lifelong friendships and create unforgettable memories. Blackheath High Sixth Form will help you grow your confidence, and will prepare you for any challenges you may face in the future, more than you could ever imagine.

Grace Stewart, Head Student