Talk Series

Blackheath High School’s newly launched Girl emPowered Talk Series is a carefully curated programme of information sessions, created and run by experts at Blackheath High School and selected partners, to provide our families with a wealth of insights, resources, and guidance. With topics ranging from academic advice to parenting tips, we aim to support the holistic development of each student, and empower students and their families to navigate the educational journey at Blackheath High School with confidence and clarity.

Our inaugural Girl emPowered Talk, 'The Power of Girls' was delivered by Dr Kevin Stannard, Director of Innovation and Learning at the GDST - one of the authors of the ground-breaking national research report, The Girls’ Futures Report. Dr Stannard gave a powerful insight into the strengths and advantages of an education designed specifically for girl, and why and how girls thrive in a girls-only school. Find out more about Dr Stannard's talk


Forthcoming events in the Girl emPowered Talk Series include:

  • Nurturing mental health in a social media age (March 2024)
  • Your guide to nurturing a confident, independent girl (May 2024)