Inspirational Teaching

We are fortunate to have a highly experienced, dedicated and committed team of teaching staff who, by imparting passion for their chosen subject, inspire our students and challenge them in their thinking. Many of our teachers have undertaken further research in their chosen fields and draw on their rich and varied life experiences to bring their subjects alive.

Our approach is personalised to each individual girl, with the aim of building her confidence and enabling her to discover her passions and interests and thrive in her enjoyment of learning for its own sake.

The classroom is not the only place where learning takes place. Our Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) girls enjoy exploring in the Forest School and purpose-built outdoor play area. Junior School girls take part in day trips to London’s fantastic array of museums, theatres and galleries, and Senior School students go on exciting international trips to Iceland, Peru, Italy, Germany. Places as far flung as Cambodia and Tanzania open our older students’ eyes to new ideas, cultures and landscapes as they further their understanding and ask challenging questions about our world.