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Blackheath High School rides high with stellar 2023 GCSE results 

Blackheath High School students are celebrating their phenomenal GCSE results, smashing 2019 pre-pandemic results and more than doubling the number of grade 9 awards (the equivalent of higher than an A*) from 13% to 29%. 

Bucking the gloomy national prediction of lower grades, Blackheath High students’ grades were well above our 2019 results, the last year to which grades are being compared nationally: 

Exam Results infographic 2023 GCSE

We are very proud that 42% of students were awarded grades 9-7, the equivalent of straight As for every subject. 

Defying traditional gender stereotypes, STEAM results were outstanding, with 100% of students scoring grades 9-8 in Physics GCSE; and 64% achieving top 9-7 (A*-A) grades in Maths, an increase from 49% in 2019. 

Unique to Blackheath High and its location near the Royal Observatory in Greenwich Park, Year 10 students are also able to take Astronomy GCSE in their own time – Blackheath High School also supports students from the local community to study for this prestigious subject. Reaching for the stars, a stunning 80% of Blackheath High students achieved grades 9-7. 

Taking inspiration from the Lionesses, 80% achieved grades 9-8 in PE, a result which reflects Blackheath High’s commitment to building a lifelong passion for sport and wellbeing in its students and aligning perfectly with the school’s philosophy of a holistic education. 

Other subjects achieving outstanding grades include History with 70% of 9-8 grades and English Literature with 87% at grades 9-7.

Head Natalie Argile comments: “I am so proud of our students and what they have achieved this year with their GCSE results. Every cohort is special but these students have shown such extraordinary resilience and passion that they truly deserve these outstanding grades. Beyond their academic successes, they are extraordinarily generous with their time: supporting their “little sisters” throughout the school, volunteering with the local community, enthusiastically joining in with our many clubs, societies and co-curricular activities. We can’t wait to see what their futures hold and we wish them much luck as they begin the next stage of their academic journey into Sixth Form.” 

Read some of our student success stories below.


Maddie Maddie K

Maddie followed her twin sister to Blackheath High School in Year 9, impressed by all she had to say about the school and has thrived here ever since. After gaining stellar GCSE grades (straight 9s and 8s, the equivalent to A* and above in every subject), she will continue into our Sixth Form to study Physics, Chemistry and Maths, as well as an EPQ. 

Pursuing her passion for Science, Maddie spent time recently supporting a research project within the Evolutionary Biomechanics Laboratory at Imperial College; and has also conducted research into parthenogenesis. 

Looking to the future, she is considering studying Epigenetics; she is also keen to follow her interest in deep sea exploration and a career as a professional cave diver or on a submarine. 



Tiana TTiana joined Blackheath High School in Year 5, after attending a taster day and being impressed with the huge range of facilities and co-curricular activities at the school, as well as the warm welcome from students. 

Following her excellent GCSE results, she has opted to study Maths, Music, and Latin at A-level, having scored top grades in all of them. In addition, she is planning an Extended Project Qualification in her favourite subject, Music – possibly focusing on jazz harp. 

As well as her outstanding academic results, Tiana is a gifted musician, holding a prestigious Music Scholarship at Blackheath High School. She is a harpist at the Royal Academy of Music and also plays the violin and the saxophone. Taking full advantage of the wide range of co-curricular opportunities at Blackheath High, she participates in Chamber Choir, Chamber Ensemble, Clara Schumann (a string chamber ensemble), Sinfonia and the recently formed Jazz Band. Her LAMDA training has come in useful as she is invited to perform at many school events, from Open Morning to Fashion Show and award ceremonies. In her spare time, she also participates in Minecraft club, Netball club, Lego Club and Computing Society. 

Tiana says: “The teachers are a huge part of why I love Blackheath High - they all have their own unique style of teaching, they are understanding, helpful and engaging. I was diagnosed with dyslexia and the SEND support teacher was tremendously helpful, ensuring I got the assistance needed before GCSEs began. 

Thinking about the future, I am already planning work experience and have arranged to spend a couple of days at Accountancy firm, BDO. I will also apply for work experience at the Royal Opera house and other music companies. I would like to further study music in a university or at a Conservatoire. I also would really like to play my harp and violin in famous orchestras or jazz bands.” 

But for now, she is looking forward to Sixth Form and the next stage of her academic journey. She says: “The transition to Sixth Form has been very smooth so far. I have really enjoyed the taster days and sample lessons, and I have also had the chance to meet my new teachers and a few Sixth Formers which has given me an amazing insight into what I can expect from my final two years here. It was also useful to discuss my A-Level choices with the teachers. My past few years at BHS has helped me to develop my organisation and communication skills as we were encouraged to explore different studying techniques and to experiment with different aspects of life and various ways of approaching it. I can’t wait to study my favourite subjects in Sixth Form, especially Music!” 



Anjy AAnjy is delighted to have achieved grades 9-8 in every one of her GCSE subjects – the equivalent to A, A* and above. Following this outstanding achievement, she plans to study Maths, Economics, Chemistry and Computer Science at A-level; plus an EPQ which will focus on ethics in AI. 

Anjy joined Blackheath High School in Year 7, receiving a bursary scholarship, and immediately embraced all school life has to offer at Blackheath High. As well as her academic excellence and passion for STEAM, which saw her take Silver in the UK Maths Awards, she also plays the Bass and took part in numerous clubs including Sinfonia. She put her co-curricular passions on pause to focus on her GCSEs but looks forward to getting back into them in Sixth Form. 

“My heart was pounding when I arrived, but I was so elated when I opened my results!” she says. “I want to say thank you to the teachers here at Blackheath High School, who all have a great teaching style and who are so open and approachable. I love the culture and atmosphere too – as well as being great fun, it has really helped me develop and grow as a person.” 

Looking to the future, Anjy has spent time experiencing life at an Accountancy firm and at a global financial institution, both of which she loved. When she graduates from Blackheath High, she has ambitions to study Computer Science, Software Engineering or Finance at a top university. 



Kani CKani is delighted to have achieved straight 9-8 grades (equivalent to A* and above) across her GCSEs and can’t wait to start Sixth Form, where she will be studying A-level Physics, Maths and Chemistry. She is also considering taking Further Maths. 

Joining in Year 7, Kani chose Blackheath High School for its small size and friendly teachers – she describes it as “somewhere you can be yourself and find out who you are.” Taking advantage of the wide range of choice and opportunity open to students, she is also a keen sportswoman – as well as being vice-captain of the cricket team, also plays hockey and football and takes part in a number of clubs and societies. 

A future in STEAM beckons – Kani says she is drawn to a potential career in engineering, mechanical engineering or even aerospace. She’s very excited about moving into the Sixth Form here at Blackheath High – she already has an idea of what to expect, thanks to a series of transition events, meet-the-teacher sessions and time with current Y12 students, and is looking forward to what her future holds. 


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