Food at Blackheath High School is supplied by Accent Catering (whose Head Chef recently received a 5* rating from Environmental Health) who focus on providing fresh, healthy and delicious recipes. Food is seasonal and nutritious, including tasty salads, superfoods, smoothies and soups, as well as delicious hot food to encourage the girls to appreciate the benefits and value of eating well.

Healthy and nutritious food is available before school, at break time and during the daily school lunches. Vegetarian, gluten-free and other specialist diets are catered for.

All girls in Nursery through to Year 11 enjoy delicious, nutritious school catered lunches.

See below for our latest school menus.

BHS Juniors Menu Summer 2023 Page 1View the Junior School Summer menu

BHS Seniors Menu Summer 2023 Page 1View the Senior School Summer menu

'Free From' BHS Seniors Menu Summer 2023 Page 1
View the 'Free From' Senior School Summer menu


Courtesy of our wonderful Accent Catering team you can also try out some of the flavour-packed recipes at home, using their Colourfuel recipe booklets. This Month’s ‘Eat the Rainbow’ or 'Colourfuel' is ‘Orange’; which focuses on foods that are packed with Vitamin A - great for your eyes and helps improve your night vision! 

As well as their monthly recipe cards, Accent have produced St George's Day recipe booklets and an Activity Sheet for Under 10s. Enjoy!