The Junior School Library

Our girls thoroughly enjoy their time in the Library throughout their primary school years. It is a bright, colourful space for the girls to enjoy their love of books. The Library offers a wide range of reading materials to support learning and stimulate curiosity, including fiction books both from popular modern authors and classical novels. The girls have access to a broad variety of information books as well as those that include topical issues and curriculum-based learning. There is also a wonderful variety of bi-language books on offer in the Library, as well as a section for modern foreign languages. Supporting our ethos of resilience within the school, the girls have access to a range of books on ‘Growth Mindset’ and ‘Wellbeing’. Our girls enjoy using the KOBO e-readers which provide an opportunity to use alternative mediums for research and enquiry.

All Junior School pupils attend a Library lesson each week, when they are encouraged to loan a book of their choice and enjoy the facilities our Library has to offer. The Library is also used within curriculum lessons to support learning or aid research on a topic.

Year 6 Library Prefects help with all aspects of the Library, from cataloguing books, to running a Library Club for Year 1 pupils, which they thoroughly enjoy.