Junior School Co-curricular

The Junior School curriculum is supported by an extensive co-curricular programme, designed to fuel imagination, build confidence, and inspire lifelong passions. Clubs run during lunchtimes and after school, and there are options for everyone, with a variety available for all ages from Nursery right up to Year 6.  

Co-curricular activities have a significant impact on life as a Junior School pupil and are another means of enhancing the pupils’ experience – both academically and personally. All interests are catered for, with clubs ranging from Art Appreciation, to Robotics and Coding, to Italian. A popular choice is Chess Club – aptly named “She Plays To Win”, it is led by a national champion who is on a mission to improve equal gender representation in competitive chess on the world stage. At Blackheath High School every sport is a girls’ sport, and we reflect this in a wide variety of sports and wellness clubs for all abilities. From Year 3 onwards, pupils have the opportunity to compete at fixtures with other local schools. Find out more about Sport at Blackheath High School

Another area where our co-curricular programme excels is Music. Beginner orchestras, invitation-only ensembles and a selection of choirs allow pupils of all abilities to express themselves through music. Every girl has the opportunity to try up to four different instruments from a wide selection free of charge. These include our Strings Taster Course and our Brass Taster Course. Once the taster course is complete, pupils can continue these lessons with one of our highly qualified peripatetic music teachers. Find out more about Music at Blackheath High School

A very popular choice is the Mighty Girls Club. Every pupil takes part in the Mighty Girls Challenge in Years 3, 4 and 5, and once they have graduated from the Challenge are invited to join the Club in Year 6. Discussions and activities cover all issues important to girls, empowering pupils and enabling them to develop a confidence and strength of character that will set them up for success in later life.  

Many clubs are free of charge and run by members of staff based on teachers’ passions; others are led by experienced external coaches or providers and are chargeable. 


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