Here at Blackheath High School every sport is a girls' sport, and is an integral part of school life. Our aim is for the students to develop a lifelong love of exercise; discovering their strengths and talents, and continuing to practice healthy lifestyles long after they leave us. Our curriculum is designed with this aim in mind and is complemented by an impressive co-curricular programme.

Sport is enjoyed and valued by all our students and helps them to develop qualities such as resilience, leadership and teamwork. All capabilities are catered for, from those who wish to play for fun to students seeking competition, expert tuition, and outstanding achievement.

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Early Years


Our Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum includes timetabled physical development classes, including both classic PE and bespoke "Strength and Stretch" sessions that focus on the development of all key muscle groups.

Co-curricular clubs start from Reception and include ballet and tap, with an additional ball skills club from Year 1. 

Junior School

Sauba JuniorSport

In the Junior School, curriculum lessons include but are not restricted to netball, hockey, football, swimming, gymnastics, dance and cross country. Co-curricular clubs are also run before and after school to enhance the girls' education. 

Our clubs are non-selective and open to pupils of all abilities, aiming to provide a fun and safe environment for pupils to try new things and find a sport they love. Girls from Year 3 onwards also have the opportunity to form teams and compete with local schools in matches and tournaments.

The co-curricular sports programme is varied and aims to cater to every interest, from ball skills to ballet! Football club is a very popular choice, and is available from Year 3 up.

Hear from Miss Morell, Director of Sport, about the Junior School Sports Department.

Senior School


At the Senior School we continue to build on the love of sport developed during primary education. Our clubs genuinely and naturally include all levels of ability; some girls wish to play for fun, others to learn and grow their abilities, and some choose to take sports to the next level and compete for the school at local and national competitions. 

Our aim is to help our girls find the sport they love, be it athletics, yoga, dance, or a brisk walk in the park. Studies have shown that regular exercise contributes not only to physical health but mental wellbeing too, and we want to equip our girls with healthy habits to take with them into the world of work. 

For those that wish to compete, we take our fixtures very seriously with a healthy dose of competitive spirit. We have strong links with other local schools and clubs, and promote participation in club sports outside of school. Visit SOCs to find out more about fixtures. 

Additionally in the Senior School we have our Sports Scholars, who are part of the Girl emPowered Scholarship Programme. With a specific interest in sport, scholars have additional opportunities from weekly strength and conditioning sessions, to mentor check-ins, nutrition advice and talks from inspirational figures such as Olympic hurdler Andy Turner. 

The Girl emPowered Scholarship Programme is about providing the scholars with the knowledge and resources that will help them to achieve their goals and dreams. There are also academic, Art, Drama, and Music scholars within the programme.

Hear from Miss Morell, Director of Sport, about the Senior School Sports Department.

Sixth Form

Javellin 2 2019

Unusually, our girls continue to have timetabled Sports lessons in the Sixth Form. It is so important to find time to exercise, and with the stress of exams, UCAS, and preparing to leave school, these scheduled periods of sport are often a welcome break. 

The sport offering at Sixth Form varies, at it depends entirely on the choices of the current students. Past years have seen girls go off-campus to take part in exciting activities such as skateboarding, rock climbing, and water sports. More classic options like netball, football and hockey are also on offer, and our Sixth Formers have access to our state-of-the-art fitness suite during free periods, lunch times, and after school. 

Year 12 and 13 continue to join teams and compete for the school; our current most popular competitive sport in the Sixth Form is netball.