The EYFS Curriculum

The Early Years Foundation Stage encompasses the pre-primary class of Nursery, and the first full year of Junior School, Reception. We use the government framework to build an engaging and exciting curriculum full of moments that encourage pupils to be curious about the world around them, and confident of their place in it.  

Both Nursery and Reception have their own tailor-made spaces, which have been designed to allow the pupils to self-select and make independent choices about their learning, alongside participating in teacher-led activities. The Nursery playground has a climbing frame, slide, and wobble bridge; the Reception playground has an enormous sandpit, playhouse, and mud kitchen. Both years can also enjoy the delights of our dedicated Forest School area. These superb facilities allow our pupils to grow strong bodies and inquisitive minds.  

"Yasmin thoroughly enjoys going to school every day - it's a great tribute to the school."
- Nursery School parent  

The opportunities offered to our youngest pupils gives them a lifelong love of sport, language, music, and art. We teach beyond the Early Years Framework, with specialist activities like Strength & Stretch, and French. In Stretch & Strength, the pupils explore dance, yoga and Pilates moves. French is taught in a fun and age-appropriate way through stories, songs, and games. Other specialist subjects include Music classes with our Head of Music, PE lessons with sports experts, and Art classes where pupils have the opportunity to contribute to our annual Junior School Art Exhibition. Our prime Blackheath location also allows for regular trips to local amenities such as the Royal Observatory, High Elms, and Eltham Palace.  


The transitions from Nursery to Reception, and from Reception to Year 1, are seamless and smooth as our pupils move on surrounded by familiar faces, confident in the feeling and knowledge that this is ‘their school’. Every pupil from Nursery up to Sixth Form embodies the same ethos – an ambition for knowledge, a brave approach to learning, and a zest for life.