A-level Results


As national A-level results return to pre-pandemic grades, Blackheath High School students have continued their upward trajectory of excellent public examination results and have surpassed the national trend with 2023 A-level results above those achieved in 2019. The percentage of students’ grades awarded A*-B reached 72%, while grades achieved at A*-A stood at a remarkable 37%. An exceptional 16% of students were awarded straight As.

Prestigious university destinations include the University of Oxford, UCL, Manchester, Bristol, Bath and Exeter, with students pursuing an array of diverse subject pathways such as Law, Theology, Economics, History, and Forensic Computing.  

Continuing our tradition of strong STEAM results, we’re delighted that students will be leaving us to pursue an array of top-level scientific subjects including Physics, Mathematics, Statistics & Data Science, Civil Engineering, Cyber Security and Landscape architecture.  

High grades in arts subjects have enabled our students to take up degree courses in Music, Prosthetics & SFX Design and Creative Writing. Blackheath High School is also bucking the downward national trend in Modern Foreign Languages, with 100% of our French students achieving an A-A* grade.  

Blackheath High School Head, Natalie Argile, comments: “This cohort of students has had to dig deep to find the resilience and determination to excel in their A-levels – and excel they have. To have achieved these outstanding results without ever having sat a public exam before, to face down the disruption of the pandemic, is nothing short of inspirational. We couldn’t be prouder of these fiercely intelligent, passionate, committed young women who leave us to inspire and lead in their chosen fields. 

“As well as our outstanding students, we must also congratulate our dedicated, passionate teaching staff, whose commitment to inspiring each student has allowed them to leave Blackheath High School armed with the tools and skills they need to move on to the next stage of their lives. 

“These students have been a joy, bringing an endless supply of energy, enthusiasm, positivity and ambition to school with them every day.”

We're very proud of all our Year 13 leavers, and wish them luck as they pursue their chosen pathways.


Case studies 



IJP 17 08 23 BBHS A Level 0078Rachel’s outstanding A-level grades – As in Biology and English, and A* in Religious Studies – enable her to take up a place at Oxford University to study Theology. She also completed an Extended Project Qualification exploring how post-18th century legislation regarding homosexuality has been influenced by religious thought. 

Rachel joined Blackheath High School in Year 7, her potential for academic excellence already clear with the offer of a prestigious bursary place. Throughout her time at the school, she has taken every opportunity to push herself and explore her passions, both academic and personal – it is, she says, the place where she really found herself. In her final year of school, Rachel was elected to be a member of the Head Student Team, an opportunity she describes as “an honour and a privilege”. 

In particular, Blackheath High helped Rachel to discover a passion for debating and public speaking – she has been involved in Debating Club, ran Debating Society as a Sixth Former and took part in debates against other schools. 

She describes the Blackheath High Sixth Form as “relaxed but focused - the teachers’ support was invaluable and one of the best things about Blackheath High. They really care and are always there to guide and support you.” 

Rachel places great value on being part of the GDST network, and says that taking part in networking opportunities like those at the Women in Leadership Conference in March 2023 have been a real benefit. She is delighted to be part of the GDST network for life and looks forward to taking advantage of the opportunities it brings. 

Looking to the future, Rachel is looking forward to going to Oxford, meeting new people and enjoying interesting conversations with professors and coursemates. She also plans to pick up a new language – New Testament Greek. 



IJP 17 08 23 BBHS A Level 0049International Management at Bath University beckons for Audrey, who achieved an A grade in Business Studies and A* in both French and Psychology. Her EPQ reflects her burgeoning career interests as she developed a business concept based the fashion marketplace Depop, complete with strategy, business and marketing plans. 

Audrey has always taken an active role in life in Blackheath High School, immersing herself in the many co-curricular opportunities on offer. In the Sixth Form, she took a leadership role, setting up and running Psychology Society – this also gave her the chance to mentor younger students as she worked with a Year 11 Buddy to run a successful Society. 

Her outstanding French grade will support her aspiration to travel the world – her degree course at Bath gives her the opportunity to live abroad for a year; and looking into the future, she has ambitions to work for Formula 1, ideally in a business communications capacity.  

Thinking of this new part of her journey, Audrey says “I am going to miss Blackheath High so much – I have been here since I was 3 years old! The community and friendships here are unique, and the teachers are brilliant – personable, approachable and always ready to guide and support you. Blackheath High has definitely helped to make me really resilient and confident. But I am also really looking forward to meeting new people and learning a completely new subject, and ready to take those skills to a new environment.” 



IJP 17 08 23 BBHS A Level 0090Our inspiring Head Student Aini achieved the grades required to study Physics at Bristol University. With straight As in Chemistry, Maths and Physics, Aini is excited to take the next steps in her outstanding academic journey. 

Aini joined Blackheath High School in Year 2, when she was just 6 years old and throughout her time at the school, has demonstrated a huge talent and passion for both STEM subjects and for music. As well as excelling in her academic subjects, she has performed in numerous musical ensembles, notably the Khan Trio; been a valuable member of Chamber Choir; and developed into an outstanding violinist. She is very much looking forward to pursuing her musical passion at university. 

Aini loved her time on the Head Student team - as well as the opportunity to inspire and mentor younger students, she also embraced many of the inspiring experiences at Blackheath High, such as the Women in Leadership Conference in March 2023. 

Studying Physics at Bristol University also brings Aini the opportunity to study abroad for one year in Hong Kong or Australia. 



IJP 17 08 23 BBHS A Level 0062Jude moves one step closer towards her dream of becoming a lawyer with A-level grades – A* in French, A in English Literature and B in Politics – that enable her to take up a place at UCL, one of the UK’s most prestigious universities. 

Jude joined Blackheath High School in Year 7 and immediately threw herself into her passion for debating and public speaking, an interest which she credits to our inspirational debating teacher Mr Crozier, and which continued throughout her time at Blackheath High. She has taken part in numerous debating competitions and events, from Model United Nations and Debating Society within the school, to external events such as the Greenman Award. She was also a finalist in the GDST Chrystall debating award.  

Jude began her academic journey at Notting Hill & Ealing GDST, then moved to Egypt for four years with her family. When she returned to the UK, she moved to Blackheath and joined us in Year 7 where she immersed herself in all Blackheath High has to offer. Following her passions, she led our prestigious Law Society, joined numerous musical ensembles including Chamber Choir, learned the piano and pursued an interest in drama with a LAMDA course. 

Jude explains, “I decided to study Law because it taps into my interests in politics, ethical debate and critical thinking. It is such a broad subject and encourages you to use so many different, useful skills.” She is considering specialising in corporate law and is most looking forward to meeting new people and continuing those interesting debates and conversations. 



IJP 17 8 23 BHHS results 0010Asami is delighted that her top grades will enable her to study Mathematics, Statistics & Data Science at Bath University.  

She joined Blackheath High School in Year 7 from a local state school after attending a session of our Saturday morning SHINE community project, which is run by Sixth Formers and designed to show education as being accessible and enjoyable to all. She fell in love with all the school had to offer. 

Asami particularly loved the Library, supporting our Librarian, taking up the role of student librarian and involving herself in anything reading related. She’s looking forward to more of the same at university. 

Her EPQ – entitled “can I successfully build a website about stammering for secondary schools” - allowed her to focus both on the technological side of website construction and her own experiences. 



IJP 17 08 23 BBHS A Level 0077Eden is a shining example of the resilience, confidence and courage of Blackheath High girls. Gaining an A* in Textiles, A in French and B in English Lit with an EPQ focused on second wave feminism, she thought her future was set – she had applied to study French and Middle Eastern Studies at a number of universities, had been invited to interview at Cambridge University, and had offers from St Andrews, Durham and Edinburgh. 

But life is unpredictable – Eden explains: “It’s hard to know who you’re going to be in the future and how your life is going to change. Over the summer, I started to have doubts about the decisions I had made a year before. Was I ready to stop my creative studies? Were languages the right route for me? My personal life also changed – was I prepared to move thirteen hours from London? On exam results day, seeing my A* in textiles, my heart was telling me the Arts was something I needed to pursue further.  

“So far, I have started work experience with a local hand-made clothing business, worked in retail, visited fashion school open days, started tutoring again, and had the time to really consider the immediate future. In only two months, I have uncovered so many new passions of my own, such as small business and education.” 

Eden credits Blackheath High with giving her the confidence, positivity and strength to reevaluate her options. Joining the school in Year 1, she has always thrown herself into the “vibrant and welcoming community” that allowed her to be herself and to try new things. During her time here, she was a member of Rock Band, ran Amnesty International Society, spoke at a Sex Education conference as part of Feminism Society in Year 7, curated a textiles collection in Year 13 and was a member of the Head Student team. She explains, “With my successes at school, I was also given the room to fail gracefully and humbly and taught how to learn from these experiences. I believe all of this has empowered me to go after a life that excites me.”  

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Eden but we have no doubt it will be dazzling.