The School Curriculum

The Blackheath High School curriculum is appealing, unique, and exciting. As an all-through, independent school for girls aged 3-18, we have the luxury of designing a curriculum that encourages all students to see the joy of the challenge. No two days are the same, building confidence and cultivating an open-minded outlook.  

We prepare and empower our students for the future, while allowing them to enjoy the journey at every key stage; a Blackheath High School education inspires and equips girls to strive for their personal best. 

Early Years

In Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), we know that pupils flourish when they can explore, investigate, and engage with the world around them. Imaginative games, role-playing and making things all incite creative thinking and collaborative behaviour during this first all-important phase.  

Learning happens everywhere, from our Forest School to the Assembly Hall. We watch life in action as our beans begin to grow, our eggs hatch and our caterpillars evolve into butterflies – every moment matters! 

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Junior School

The Junior School curriculum is varied, challenging, and designed to help all pupils achieve beyond the realm of their expectations. Combining the core National Curriculum with specialist-taught subjects like French and Latin, we value our ability to provide an enriched and distinctive learning environment.  

Experiences extend far beyond the classroom, with our on-site Forest School and 5-acre Sports Campus just 10 minutes’ walk away, and a host of day trips and residential excursions. Our pupils develop a love of learning through a friendly, nurturing, and empowering junior years education. 

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Senior School

Senior School students are offered a wide variety of subject choices which ensure that, alongside the core STEM subjects, specialist interests and passions are explored and built upon. Fantastic facilities, dedicated teachers, and the Enrichment Programme come together to create not just fantastic exam results, but well-rounded, ambitious girls who are ready to take on the world.  

The curriculum is augmented by an extensive co-curricular programme, providing opportunities to extend learning through performance, debate, discussion, and creativity.  

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Sixth Form

Our Sixth Form curriculum offers students a choice of over 27 subjects to study at A-level. Most choose three timetabled subjects and an EPQ (Extended Project Qualification), enabling them to explore their passions while obtaining the necessary subject grades for further study.  

The curriculum is supported by the Wollstonecraft Speaker Series; a series of fortnightly talks from a diverse range of guest speakers, aiming to inspire, challenge, and stimulate. The lectures also provide an opportunity for Sixth Formers to network, develop their interpersonal skills, and gain first-hand information on potential career choices. 

Being part of the GDST, and its network of 25 schools and 70,000 alumnae, means that our Sixth Form students have access to a host of unrivalled GDST resources and opportunities that no stand-alone school can provide - such as specialist subject diplomas, university workshops, mentorship, insights into a range of professions, and unique work experience opportunities.

We know that when our students leave us for their next step - whether that be to university, an apprenticeship, or the wider world of work - they are confident, composed, and ready to thrive in whatever path they choose to follow.  

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