The Junior School Curriculum

Blackheath High Junior School is an all-girls independent school in South East London. We’re experts in girls' education, and have developed a challenging, stimulating and creative curriculum that teaches well beyond the National Curriculum. From an early age, our pupils believe that they can do anything – there are no gender stereotypes here, just a love of learning and a determination to reach your personal best.  

Our pupils receive opportunities unique to our school and location. Fantastic onsite facilities include a Science lab, DT lab, Computer Suite, fully-equipped Music room, Art studio, Dance Hall, and Theatre, with the Sports Campus just a 10-minute walk away. Regular trips, sports fixtures, and performance opportunities take pupils outside of the classroom and help them develop a reservoir of resilience.  

No two days in our Junior School are the same. Specialist teachers bring subjects alive, from native modern foreign languages speakers, to expert visiting artists. Outdoor learning is encouraged with a fitness trail, gardening club, and a relationship with The Hive – an ecology park-based Forest School in South East London. This love of the outdoors develops a sense of adventure in our girls, and ties in with our Mighty Girls Challenge – an activity-based programme for Years 3, 4 and 5 aimed at inspiring pupils to be ambitious, brave and curious (the Blackheath High A, B, C).  

Small class sizes allow our teachers to get to know every pupil on an individual level, and provide extra support where needed. We have specialist SENCO teachers who are superbly qualified and experienced, ensuring that every girl gets the most out of the curriculum. Pupils are taught to achieve beyond the realm of their expectations, taking part in (and often winning!) national academic competitions, and performing in stunning locations like the Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich. We also have a whole host of unique opportunities open to us as part of the Girls Day School Trust (GDST)such as taking part in a GDST Maths Conference at the University of Oxford, and DST Science Conferences at the Royal Institution. 

Each stage of the Junior School brings new and exciting experiences, instilling the joy of the challenge in all pupils, along with an excitement for the future. The buddy system encourages all ages to come together in House activities, providing positions of responsibility for older pupils, and an experienced listening ear and insight on things to come for younger years.  

As an all-through school, every one of our pupils receives an automatic place in the Senior School for Year 7. This allows our Year 5 and 6 pupils to continue following their passions and learning for the love of it, without the concern of 11+ papers taking over. When our girls leave the Junior School, the challenging curriculum has them ready for the world of secondary education without specific, extensive preparation.