Blackheath High School offers a Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND) provision that supports each SEND student individually. Their diversity is celebrated, and they are empowered to accept and embrace their unique educational need or disability. 

The aim of the department - which comprises of an Education & Languages Specialist and a Clinical Psychology & Music Specialist – is to provide the best education experience for all students. This involves getting to know SEND students well and communicating with them and their parents regularly, in order to make sure we are continually understanding their needs, challenges and goals. All students are encouraged to make mistakes and learn from the experience, building tenacity and courage and enhancing their resilience.  

The SEND offering covers the breadth of the entire school, including a screening service for speech and language needs early on in the Junior School, and one-to-one or small group support outside of class in the Senior School. Help for every student will look different, and the SEND department collaborates with other members of staff in the school to make sure that a cohesive learning environment is achieved. 

We are academically ambitious for all our students, and a recent inspection report stated that ‘students with SEND and EAL also achieve results which are above expectations in line with the main cohort’ (ISI, 2022). In the Senior School particular support is given in English and Maths, working together with those departments in order to consolidate learning objectives in these vitally important subjects.  

Above all, the SEND department aims to enable students to achieve their goals, embrace their individual needs and to see the benefits to their neurodiversity, paying due regard to the 2015 SEND Code of Practice. 


“The SEND support helps me feel more relaxed, and less different to other people in the classroom.” 

- Year 10 SEND pupil