See below a full list of staff at both our Senior and Junior sites.

Senior Leadership Team

Head Mrs Natalie Argile, BSc Newcastle; MSc; PGCE 
Deputy Head (Academic)

Ms Kristina Lewis, BA (Hons) Cambridge; MA UCL, PGCE

Deputy Head (Staff and Students) Mr Chris Alaru, BEd, BA (Hons) Queensland; QTS
Assistant Head (Head of Sixth Form)

Ms Frederique Cheyns, BA Universite de Lille III; PCGE

Assistant Head (Learning & Enrichment)   Miss Katy Hickman, MA (Hons) Dundee; PGCE
Director of Finance & Operations  Mr Rob Ryan, AAT, DSBM
Director of Marketing & Development  Ms Anne Fuell, BA (Hons) Liverpool

Junior School Leadership Team

Head of Junior School Mrs Sarah Skevington, LLB (Hons) Sheffield; PGCE; EYP
Deputy Head of Junior School (Academic) Mrs Monica Patel, BA Birmingham; MA Open University; PGCE
Deputy Head of Junior School (Pastoral) Ms Amy Lucas, BA (Hons) Sheffield Hallam
Head of Key Stage 1 (KS1) Miss Hannah Chandler, BA (Hons) Primary Teaching with QTS, Kingston University
Head of EYFS Miss Lizie Riordan, BA (Hons) University College Worcester

Senior School Teaching

Design Technology Department

Mr Tim Masters, BA (Hons); Dip Arch (Hons) Architecture; PGCE Goldsmiths Head of Design Technology

Miss Jessie Ling, BA Glasgow, GTCS  

DT, Head of Year 11

Art Department

Mr David Branch, BA (Hons) Middlesex; PGCE   Head of Art 
Mrs Imogen Gilbert, BA St Martins, London; PGCE  Art i/c of Peer Mentoring
Miss India Copley, BA London  Art

English Faculty 

Ms Amaya Chandler, MA, BA (Hons) Cambridge; MA London; QTS Head of English Faculty
Mrs Camilla Beecham, BA (Hons) Brunel; MA Goldsmiths; PGCE English, Head of Year 13, UCAS
Miss Nichola Rivers, BA (Hons) Brighton; PGCE

English & EAL Co-ordinator

Miss Daisy Munroe, BA (Hons) Southampton; PGCE English & Drama

English & Drama, School Consultant Teacher

Miss Holly Owen-Frawley, BA (Hons) Bristol; PGCE English and Teacher i/c of Competitive Universities (maternity leave)
Mrs Patricia Higham, BA (Hons) Liverpool, MA English (maternity cover)

History Department


Miss Sophie Blythe, BA (Hons) Exeter; PGCE

Head of History & Politics and School Consultant Teacher

Miss Jessica Stoddart, MA UCL; PGCE  

History & Politics Teacher

Mr Ben Crozier, BA (Hons), Leeds; PGCE  

History, Extended Project Qualification and Teacher i/c of Debating

Economics & Business Department

Mr Manpreet Sodhi, BA (Hons) London; PGCE Head of Economics & Business Studies and Head of Year 12 
Mrs Aruma Wilson, BA (Hons) Lancashire; PGCE Economics & Business Studies

Classics Department

Miss Sarah Williams, MA Cantab; PGCE  Head of Classics
Mrs Martine Ryan, BA London Latin

Mrs Annie Harrison, MA Reading; PGCE


Geography Department


Mrs Lindsay Stevens, PSc Plymouth; PGCE Head of Geography, Educational Visits Co-ordinator and DofE co-ordinator

Miss Katy Hickman, MA (Hons) Dundee; PGCE

Geography, Assistant Head (Learning & Enrichment)

Mr Harrison Hegarty, MSC Birkbeck; PGCE


Philosophy, Religion and Ethics (PRE) Department

Mr Sean Green, BA (Hons) Trinity College, Dublin; PGCE Head of Philosophy, Religion and Ethics (PRE)
Ms Madeeha Rehman, BA (Hons) Birmingham; PGCE Philosophy, Religion and Ethics, Head of Year 9

Psychology Department

Miss Paris Banks, BSc Goldsmiths; MSc Kings College; PGCE Head of Psychology

Maths & Computing Faculty

Ms Emma Langham, BSc (Hons) Loughborough; PGCE Head of Maths Faculty

Ms Wendy Short, MA Sussex; BSc Bath; PGCE

Mrs Gemma Silvestros, BSc (Hons) Exeter; PGCE Maths
Miss Emily Masters, BSc (Hons) Bristol; PGCE Maths
Ms Georgina Collins, BA (Hons) Bath; PGCE Maths
Mrs Abiramy Varathanathan, BEng; PGCE Maths
Miss Hannah Dickinson, BSc (Hons) Loughborough; PGCE Head of Computer Science
Mr Darren Nott, BSc Reading  Director of IT and Teacher of Computer Science

Modern Foreign Languages Faculty

Mrs Aurelie Bass, BA F. Rabelais; MA (Hons) Le Mans; PGCE Lancaster Head of Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) 
Mrs Nuria Rosado, BA Spain; PGCE Head of Spanish
Mrs Angela Turvey, BA (Hons) Bangor; MA; QTS Head of German
Miss Emilie Wood, PGCE Greenwich French
Mrs Tina Chung, BA Canterbury; DipEd; TESOL Head of Mandarin

Drama Department

Ms Kimberley Coles, BA (Hons) Winchester; PGCE Head of Drama
Miss Daisy Munroe, BA (Hons) Southampton; PGCE English & Drama English & Drama, School Consultant Teacher


Ms Catherine Day, BMus University of London; MA RADA; PGCE Head of Futures

Music Department

Mrs Charlotte Butterworth, BA (Hons) Durham, MA, PGCE Director of Music 

Ms Emma Bond, BMus (Hons) Cardiff University, PGCE Music Secondary, MA (Education) St Marys University Twickenham, PGCE – Vocal Pedagogy

Music Teacher

PE Department

Miss Hannah Morrell, BSc (Hons), Brunel Director of Sport
Mrs Lisa Brooks, BSc St Mary's; PGCE PE and Head of Year 8
Mrs Victoria May, BA (Hons) Liverpool PE

Miss Michaela Smith, BA (Hons) Bedfordshire; QTS

PE and Head of Year 7
Mrs Sarah Harris, BA (Hons) Brighton PE and Head of Year 10

Science Faculty

Dr Alkay Mustafa, BSc & PhD University of Kent at Canterbury; PGCE Head of Science Faculty
Mr Duncan Laber, BSc Bristol; PGCE Head of Biology
Mrs Ann Bijnens, MSc Belgium Biology and Head of Sustainability
Miss Maria Tsikkinis, BSc Bristol; PGCE Head of Physics, Head of PSHE and Wellbeing
Mr Phil Jordan  Physics
Mrs Rebecca Richards, BSc (Hons) Teeside; PGCE Chemistry and Head of House Competition


Mrs Barbara Fitzpatrick, BEd (Hons); HDip; MA SENCO and Learning Support Teacher
Ms Amy Ly Learning Support Assistant SEND
Ms Sarah Da Silva Learning Support Assistant SEND

Junior School Teaching


Mrs Angharad Waite, BA Greenwich BSc London; PGCE

Mrs Eibhleann Radford, BA (Hons), QTS


Miss Lizie Riordan, BA (Hons) University College Worcester

Mrs Sally Brown, BA (Hons) Durham; PGCE

Mrs Ellen Wilson, BA (Hons) Bristol (Maternity Leave)

Year 1

Ms Helen Lowinger, BA (Hons), Goldsmiths; PGCE

Mr Tristram Batt, BA (Hons) Leeds, PGCE (Maternity Cover)

Year 2 

Miss Hannah Chandler, BA (Hons) Primary Teaching with QTS, Kingston University

Mrs Caroline Oke, BA (Hons) Manchester Metropolitan ; PGCE

Year 3 

Mrs Helen Cannell, BA (Hons), Hull; PGCE

Miss Philippa McEwan, BSc Kent; PGCE

Year 4

Ms Monica Patel, MA Open University, PGCE

Mr Neville Mostert, Higher Dip in Education, South Africa

Year 5

Mrs Sally Burt, BSc, Bristol; PGCE (Maternity Leave)

Mrs Dalini Karakosta, BA South Africa

Miss Sauba Ndagire, BA (Hons), QTS

Year 6

Ms Laura Nolan, BSc, Hull; PGCE

Ms Amy Lucas, BA (Hons) Sheffield Hallam

Art Teacher

Ms Anna Hamburger, BA (Hons) Camberwell

PE Teacher

Mrs Beth Dunne, BA (Hons) Leeds; PGCE

French Teacher

Mrs Aline Wehner-Moriseau, PGCE Canterbury Maitrise in English Literature and Civilisation, Universite Francois Rabelais

Junior School Teacher

Miss Charlotte Bolton, MA (Hons), Glasgow; PGCE


Mrs Julia Sharma, BA (Hons) Leeds

Head of Music, Consultant Teacher

Mrs Ruth Coles MA Cantab; GTP

Head of Junior PE

Miss Sauba Ndagire, BA (Hons), QTS

Teaching Assistants



Mrs Lauren Dwyer, Advanced Level Apprenticeship in the Children and Young People’s Workforce: Early Years Educator

Mrs Jane Norman

Mrs Rajbeer Matharu, BSc, Level 2 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Lorriette Maloney, NNEB

Mrs Liliana Reis, NVQ Level 2 Childhood Education, NVQ Level 3 TA


Mrs Nicki Aitken, NCFE Cache Level 3, Supporting Teaching & Learning

Mrs Geraldine Battersby, BA (Hons) Cork; PGCE

Year 1 

Mrs Michelle Nance, BTEC National Certificate

Mrs Angela Shelley, NVQ Level 3

Year 2 

Mrs Evie Morris, NVQ Level 3, Diploma in Early Years and Education

Miss Mary Crampton

Year 3

Mrs Joyce Pinto, NVQ Level 3

Year 4

Miss Iryna Shevalova, BA Ukraine

Year 5 & 6 

Ms Theresa Smith, BA Greenwich

Graduate Sports Assistant

Miss Hannah Greig, Graduate Diploma, Trinity College

Senior School Support Staff

PA to Head and Office Manager

Mrs Kay Cotton 

Site Network Manager 

Mr Kevin Arrowsmith, BA Christ Church, Canterbury

Head of Admissions

Miss Georgia-Rose Beahan

Senior Alumnae, Philanthropy & Marketing Officer

Mrs Karen Canty

Marketing Design and Communications Officer

Mrs Alison Smithie, BA (Hons) Nottingham, DUT France

Finance Manager

Mr Oluwapelumi Adewale

Finance & Bookings Officer

Ms Lisa Scrace

Senior Data Timetable Officer  

Ms Rita Buttigieg

Examinations Officer 

Mrs Kim Parfitt 

Academic Mentor

Mrs Kelly Leigh

ICT Technician

Mr Muhammad Rahman


Mrs Debbie Glazebrook, BSc (Hons) Northumbria

SLT Admin Support

Mrs Averil Taber 

HR Officer

Mrs Sharon Read 


Mrs Vanessa Chhatlani

Mrs Julie Lancaster

School Nurse 

Miss Justina Afranie, BSc Child Nursing

Healthcare Assistant

Miss Cereta Robinson, BA (Hons) Nursing, University of Wolverhampton

School Counsellor 

Mrs Catherine Booth, BA Leeds, MA, PGCE

Laboratory Technician

Dr Gerard Sobany, PHD Heriot-Watt

Mr Jonathan Liu, BSc, MSc Keele

DT Technician

Miss Holly Fox

Art Technician

Miss Alice Veevers

Language Assistants 

Mrs Katherine Azzopardi - Spanish

Mrs Susanne Schrewe - German

Miss Emilie Wood - French

Mrs Tina Chung - Mandarin

Graduate Music Assistant:

Mr Laurie Denman

Facilities Manager

Mr Sam James

Evening Caretaker 

Mr Terry Cole 


Mr Terry Cole 

Mr Terry Faucher

Mr Frank Greaves

Mr Peter Brown

Mini Bus Drivers

Mr Raymond Cooke

Mr Patrick Redford

Mr Peter Brown

Mini Bus Supervisors

Mrs Ann Conway

Mrs Elaine Cockings

Mrs Deborah Tonks

Mrs Denise Powell

Junior School Support Staff

Junior School Office Manager

Ms Danielle Eaves

Administrative Assistant (Data & SIMS) 

Ms Sasha McCully


Mrs Hannah Portman

Admissions & Marketing Officer:

Mrs Emily Browne

IT Technician

Mr Rob Wraight

After School Care Supervisor 

Ms Liliana Reis

After School Care Assistants 

Mrs Kamaljit Sembhi

Mrs Patricia Dedman

Mrs Jenny Cornwell

Midday Supervisor

Mrs Patricia Dedman

Mrs Elaine Cockings

School Nurse

Miss Justina Afranie, BSc Child Nursing

Healthcare Assistant

Miss Cereta Robinson, BA (Hons) Nursing

School Governing Board

Find out more about our School Governors

Ms Amanda Waygood Chair

Ms Julie Fenner

Mr George Gaskell

Professor Natascha Radclyffe-Thomas

Mr Iain Soulsby

Miss Anja Funston

Ms Ellen Beer


Visiting Music Staff at Senior School

Oboe, Piano & Theory

Miss Helen Barker, BMus (Hons); PG Dip

Clarinet & Saxophone

Mr Loren Hignell, BMus; GGSM

Electric, Acoustic & Bass Guitar 

Mr Neil Luckett, LGSM 


Mrs Klio Blonz, MMus; PG Dip 


Ms Mary Ann Obejera, BMus

Ms Rianka Bouwmeester, PG Dip

Ms Marcelle Zahra, MMus, BMus (Hons), LLCM

Violin & Viola 

Mr Anthony Dennant, BA (Hons)

Singing, Piano & Theory

Ms Monica McGhee, BMus; Masters in Vocal Performance


Ms Kirsty McLean, BMus, MMus


Miss Alexandra Atty, BMus (Hons); PGCE

Mr Oliver Peszynski, BA Southampton, MPerf


Mrs Jill Kemp, BMus (Hons)


Miss Corinna Boylan, BA (Hons), MA


Mr Christopher Deacon, BMus (Perf); LRAM; ARAM


Ms Jean Kelly, BMusc, MA Music

Visiting Music Staff at Junior School

Violin & Viola

Ms Lucy McKay, BMus (Hons), MMus


Ms Hester Chapman


Ms Mary Ann Obejera, BMus

Mr William Butterworth, BSc

Ms Marcelle Zahra, MMus, BMus (Hons), LLCM

Ms Rebecca Cohen, MMus

Miss Neus Ferrar, MMus

Mr Filippo Di Bari, MMus

Clarinet & Saxophone

Mr Loren Hignell, BMus; GGSM

Flute & Recorder

Miss Lisete Da Silva Bull, BMus; LRAM


Mr David Black, MMus, BMus


Ms Anna Whyte, BA (Hons); PG Dip; Advanced Dip


Mr Toby Simmons, BA (Hons)

Double Bass

Mr Mark Lipski, MMus


Miss Alexandra Atty, BMus (Hons), PGCE


Ms Jean Kelly, BMusc, MA Music