See below a full list of staff at both our Senior and Junior sites.

Senior Leadership Team

Head Mrs N Argile, BSc Newcastle; MSc; PGCE 
Senior Deputy Head (Academic)  Mr S Henderson, BMus (Hons) London, PGCE
Deputy Head (Staff and Students) Mr C Alaru, BEd, BA (Hons) Queensland; QTS
Acting Assistant Head (Learning & Staff Development)   Mrs C Beecham, BA (Hons) Brunel; MA Goldsmiths; PGCE
Acting Assistant Head (Progress & Enrichment)   Miss K Hickman, MA (Hons) Dundee; PGCE
Director of Finance and Operations  Mr R Ryan, AAT, DSBM
Director of Marketing and Development  Ms A Fuell, BA (Hons) Liverpool

Junior School Leadership Team

Head of Junior School Mrs S Skevington, LLB (Hons) Sheffield; PGCE; EYP
Deputy Head of Junior School (Academic) Mr R Queripel, BA (Hons) Sheffield; PGCE
Deputy Head of Junior School (Pastoral) Miss A Lucas, BA (Hons) Sheffield Hallam
Head of Key Stage 1 (KS1) Miss H Chandler, BA (Hons) Primary Teaching with QTS, Kingston University
Head of EYFS Miss L Riordan, BA (Hons) University College Worcester

Senior School Teaching

Design Technology Department

Mr T Masters, BA (Hons); Dip Arch (Hons) Architecture; PGCE Goldsmiths Head of Design Technology

Miss J Ling, BA Glasgow, GTCS  

DT, Head of Year 10

Art Department

Mr D Branch, BA (Hons) Middlesex; PGCE   Head of Art 
Mrs I Gilbert, BA St Martins, London; PGCE  Art
Miss I Copley, BA London  Art

English Faculty 

Ms A Chandler, MA, BA (Hons) Cambridge; MA London; QTS Head of English Faculty
Mrs C Beecham, BA (Hons) Brunel; MA Goldsmiths; PGCE English, Head of Year 13, UCAS
Miss N Rivers, BA (Hons) Brighton; PGCE


Miss D Munroe, BA (Hons) Southampton; PGCE English & Drama


Miss H Owen-Frawley, BA (Hons) Bristol; PGCE English and Teacher i/c of Competitive Universities (maternity leave)
Mrs P Higham, BA (Hons) Liverpool, MA English Teacher (maternity cover)

History Department


Miss S Blythe, BA (Hons) Exeter; PGCE

Head of History & Politics
Mr B Crozier, BA (Hons), Leeds; PGCE    History, Extended Project Qualification and Teacher i/c of Debating

Economics & Business Department

Mr M Sodhi, BA (Hons) London; PGCE Head of Economics & Business Studies and Head of Year 12 
Mrs A Wilson, BA (Hons) Lancashire; PGCE Economics & Business Studies

Classics Department

Miss S Williams, MA Cantab; PGCE  Head of Classics
Mrs M Ryan, BA London Latin

Geography Department


Mrs L Stevens, PSc Plymouth; PGCE Head of Geography, Educational Visits Co-ordinator and DofE co-ordinator

Miss K Hickman, MA (Hons) Dundee; PGCE

Geography, Head of Year 11 and Community Projects


Mr S Green, BA (Hons) Trinity College, Dublin; PGCE Head of Philosophy, Religion and Ethics (PRE)
Ms M Rehman, BA (Hons) Birmingham; PGCE Philosophy, Religion and Ethics, Head of Year 8 and Teacher i/c of Peer Mentoring

Psychology Department

Miss P Banks, BSc Goldsmiths; MSc Kings College; PGCE Head of Psychology

Maths & Computing Faculty

Ms E Langham, BSc (Hons) Loughborough; PGCE Head of Maths Faculty

Ms W Short, MA Sussex; BSc Bath; PGCE

Mrs G Silvestros, BSc (Hons) Exeter; PGCE Maths
Miss E Masters, BSc (Hons) Bristol; PGCE Maths
Ms G Collins, BA (Hons) Bath; PGCE Maths
Mrs A Varathanathan, BEng; PGCE Maths and Head of Co-curricular and Outreach
Miss H Dickinson, BSc (Hons) Loughborough; PGCE Head of Computer Science
Mr D Nott, BSc Reading  Director of IT and Teacher of Computer Science

Modern Foreign Languages Faculty

Mrs A Bass, BA F. Rabelais; MA (Hons) Le Mans; PGCE Lancaster Head of Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) 

Mrs S Milne, BA (Hons) Exeter; PGCE

Mrs N Rosado, BA Spain; PGCE Head of Spanish
Mrs A Turvey, BA (Hons) Bangor; MA; QTS Head of German
Miss E Wood, PGCE Greenwich French, Assistant Head of Year 11
Mrs T Chung, BA Canterbury; DipEd; TESOL Head of Mandarin
Mrs S Schrewe, BA Berlin German and Spanish

Drama Department

Miss K Coles, BA (Hons) Winchester; PGCE Head of Drama
Miss D Munroe, BA (Hons) Southampton; PGCE English & Drama Drama


Ms C Day, BMus University of London; MA RADA; PGCE Head of Futures

Music Department

Mrs C Butterworth, BA (Hons) Durham, MA, PGCE  Director of Music 
Dr C Potter, BA (Hons) Keele; MMus; Doctorate Liverpool; PGCE Music Teacher

PE Department

Miss H Morrell, BSc (Hons), Brunel Director of Sport
Mrs L Brooks, BSc St Mary's; PGCE PE and Head of Year 9
Mrs V May, BA (Hons) Liverpool PE

Miss M Smith, BA (Hons) Bedfordshire; QTS

PE and Head of Year 7
Mrs S Harris, BA (Hons) Brighton PE and Head of Year 11 (Maternity Leave)
Mr M Moon, BSc (Hons) Oxford Brookes; PGCE PE (Maternity Cover)

Science Faculty

Dr A Mustafa, BSc Cantab; PhD Cantab; PGCE Head of Science Faculty
Mr D Laber, BSc Bristol; PGCE Head of Biology
Mrs A Bijnens, MSc Belgium Biology and Teacher i/c of Charity & Philanthropy
Miss M Tsikkinis, BSc Bristol; PGCE Head of Physics, Head of PSHE and Wellbeing
Mr K Balane, BSc Kingston, MSc; PGCE Physics
Mrs R Richards, BSc (Hons) Teeside; PGCE Chemistry and Head of House Competition


Mrs B Fitzpatrick, BEd (Hons); HDip; MA SENCO and Learning Support Teacher
Ms C Sandringham, BSc (Hons) Open University; MSc San Jose State Learning Support Assistant SEND

Junior School Teaching


Mrs S Brown, BA (Hons) Durham; PGCE

Mrs A Waite, BA Greenwich; BSc London; PGCE


Miss L Riordan, BA (Hons) University College Worcester

Mrs E Wilson, BA (Hons) Bristol

Year 1

Miss C Bolton, MA (Hons) Glasgow; PGCE

Miss A Robertson, BA (Hons) Leeds; PGCE

Year 2 

Miss H Chandler, BA (Hons) Primary Teaching with QTS, Kingston University

Mrs C Oke, BA (Hons) Manchester Metropolitan ; PGCE

Year 3 

Mrs H Cannell, BA (Hons), Hull; PGCE

Miss P McEwan, BSc Kent; PGCE

Year 4

Miss A Lucas, BA (Hons) Sheffield Hallam

Mr N Mostert, Higher Dip in Education, South Africa

Year 5

Mrs S Burt, BSc, Bristol; PGCE - on maternity leave

Mrs D Karakosta, BA South Africa - maternity cover

Mr R Queripel, BA Sheffield; PGCE

Year 6

Ms L Nolan, BSc, Hull; PGCE

Miss S Ndagire, BA (Hons); QTS


Ms A Hamburger, BA (Hons) Camberwell


Mrs A Wehner-Moriseau, PGCE Canterbury Maitrise in English Literature and Civilisation, Universite Francois Rabelais


Mrs J Sharma, BA (Hons) Leeds

Head of Music

Mrs R Coles MA Cantab; GTP

Head of Junior PE

Mrs B Dunne, BA (Hons) Leeds; PGCE

Head of Co-curricular and Fixtures

Miss S Ndagire, BA (Hons); QTS

Teaching Assistants



Miss L Dwyer, Advanced Level Apprenticeship in the Children and Young People’s Workforce: Early Years Educator (Maternity Leave)

Mrs J Norman (Maternity Cover)

Mrs J Cornwell NNEB Forest School Leader  Foundation degree Early Years; BA(Hons) Early Years

Mrs R Matharu BSc, Level 2 Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Maloney NNEB

Ms L Guerra NVQ Level 2 Childhood Education, NVQ Level 3 TA


Mrs N Aitken, NCFE Cache Level 3, Supporting Teaching & Learning

Mrs G Battersby, BA (Hons) Cork; PGCE

Year 1 

Mrs M Nance BTEC National Certificate

Mrs A Shelley, NVQ Level 3

Mrs J Cornwell, NNEB Forest School Leader  Foundation degree Early Years; BA(Hons) Early Years

Year 2 

Mrs E Morris, NVQ Level 3, Diploma in Early Years and Education

Mrs J Pinto, NVQ Level 3

Year 3

Miss M Crampton

Year 4

Miss I Shevalova, BA Ukraine

Year 5/6 

Ms T Smith, BA Greenwich

Graduate Sports Assistant

Miss A Sahu, BSc St Mary's University Twickenham

Miss H Greig, Level 6 Graduate Diploma Professional Dance & Musical Theatre Urdang Academy/Trinity College London.

Senior School Support Staff

PA to Head and Office Manager

Mrs K Cotton 

Site Network Manager 

Mr K Arrowsmith, BA Christ Church, Canterbury

Head of Admissions

Miss G Beahan

Senior Alumnae, Philanthropy & Marketing Officer

Mrs K Canty

Marketing Design and Communications Officer

Mrs A Smithie, BA (Hons) Nottingham, DUT France

Finance Manager

Mr O Adewale

Finance & Bookings Officer

Ms L Scrace

Senior Data Timetable Officer  

Miss M Wheeler

Examinations Officer 

Mrs A Allen 

Academic Mentor

Mrs K Leigh


Mrs D Glazebrook, BSc (Hons) Northumbria

SLT Admin Support

Mrs A Taber 

HR Officer

Mrs S Read 


Mrs V Chhatlani

Mrs J Lancaster

School Nurse 

Miss D Ainsworth, BSc Child Nursing

School Counsellor 

Mrs C Booth, BA Leeds, MA, PGCE

Laboratory Technician

Dr G Sobany, PHD Heriot-Watt

Mr M Rufai, BEng Hull

DT Technician

Miss J Spence, BA London

Art Technician

Miss I Copley, BA London

Language Assistants 

Mrs K Azzopardi - Spanish

Mrs S Schrewe - German

Miss J Spence - French

Mrs T Chung - Mandarin

Graduate Music Assistant:

Mr O Peszynski, BA Southampton, MPerf

Facilities Manager

Mr A Merryweather

Evening Caretaker 

Mr T Cole 


Mr J Roue

Mr T Cole 

Mr T Faucher

Mr F Greaves

Mr P Brown

Mini Bus Drivers

Mr R Cooke

Mr P Redford

Mr P Brown

Mini Bus Supervisors

Mrs A Conway

Mrs E Cockings

Mrs D Tonks

Mrs D Powell

Junior School Support Staff

Junior School Office Manager

Ms D Eaves

Administrative Assistant (Data & SIMS) 

Ms S McCully


Mrs H Portman

Admissions & Marketing Officer:

Mrs E Browne

IT Technician

Mr R Wraight

After School Care Supervisor 

Ms L Reis

After School Care Assistants 

Mrs K Sembhi

Ms R Changizi

Mrs P Dedman

Midday Supervisor

Mrs P Dedman

Mrs E Cockings

School Nurse

Miss D Ainsworth, BSc Child Nursing

School Governing Board

Find out more about our School Governors

Ms E Little Chair

Ms J Fenner

Mr G Gaskell

Ms A Waygood

Prof. N Radclyffe-Thomas

Mr I Soulsby

Ms E Beer


Visiting Music Staff at Senior School


Miss H Barker, BMus (Hons); PG Dip

Clarinet and Saxophone

Mr L Hignell, BMus; GGSM

Electric, Acoustic and Bass Guitar 

Mr N Luckett, LGSM 


Mrs K Blonz, MMus; PG Dip 


Ms M Obejera, BMus

Ms R Bouwmeester, PG Dip

Ms R Cohen, MMus

Violin and Viola 

Mr A Dennant, BA (Hons)

Singing and Piano

Ms M McGhee, BMus; Masters in Vocal Performance

Singing & Theory

Ms K McLean, BMus, MMus


Miss A Atty, BMus (Hons); PGCE


Mrs J Kemp, BMus (Hons)


Miss C Boylan, BA (Hons), MA


Mr C Deacon, BMus (Perf); LRAM; ARAM

Visiting Music Staff at Junior School

Violin and Viola

Ms L McKay, BMus (Hons), MMus

Mr D Harrison


Ms H Chapman


Ms M Obejera, BMus

Mr W Butterworth, BSc

Ms M Zahra, MMus, BMus (Hons), LLCM

Ms R Cohen, MMus

Clarinet and Saxophone

Mr L Hignell, BMus; GGSM

Flute and Recorder

Miss L Da Silva Bull, BMus; LRAM


Mr D Black, MMus, BMus


Ms A Whyte, BA (Hons); PG Dip; Advanced Dip


Mr T Simmons, BA (Hons)

Double Bass

Mr M Lipski, MMus


Miss A Atty, BMus (Hons), PGCE


Ms J Kelly, BMusc, MA Music