We have four Houses which span the entire school from Early Years to Sixth Form. They take their names from local landmarks: Meridian, Morden, Paragon, and Vanbrugh. The House system encourages constructive competition, and gives students a sense of community and belonging. Pupils who join us in the Junior School will remain in the same House until they leave us, developing strong bonds with their fellow teammates. 

Students compete in regular annual House competitions including: The 'Gadesden' drama competition, the 'Greenman' public speaking competition, the annual 'Long Note' competition, the House music competition, the House 'bake off', and Sports Day. 

House points are awarded on an individual basis to students who display excellent collaboration, creativity, enthusiasm, independence, participation, resilience, and perseverance, to name a few. A running total is announced each week, with the winner awarded the House Cup at the end of the Summer Term.  

The House system also provides excellent opportunities for leadership. In the Junior School this comes in the form of “Buddy Groups”; all pupils across the whole Junior School are split into their Houses and, led by Year 6, work together on activities that promote bonding and friendships across year groups. Examples of these activities include making bunting for King Charles II’s Coronation, and investigation the Braille alphabet, with a new Buddy Group activity each term.  

Year 12 students can apply to be House leaders, taking a more prominent role in organising House activities and captaining House sports teams.