Enrichment Programme

The Blackheath High School Girl emPowered Enrichment Programme is a unique and extensive programme, designed to complement and expand upon the Senior School curriculum. 

Every Senior School student takes part in the programme, from Year 7 all the way up to Year 13. Over the course of their time with us, a wide range of topics are covered - from career skills like leadership, journalism and film analysis, to healthy eating, to eco-friendly fashion. The programme of content is different in every year group; Year 7 explore the secrets to secondary school success; Year 9 learn what feminism means today; and Year 11 dedicate their time to helping others through our Community & Outreach projects.

The Girl emPowered Enrichment Programme aims to give students the skills and qualities they need for now and, most importantly, for their futures. It encourages students to explore different interests and perspectives they may never have considered before. 

Additional enrichment comes from the Wollstonecraft Speaker Series; a series of fortnightly sessions where guest lecturers come to share their expertise with our students. Previous guests have ranged from Artists to Professors to Civil Servants. While the series is mostly aimed at the Sixth Form, students of any age in the Senior School are welcome to attend.  


Example Enrichment Programme timetable:

Year 7

Broadcast Journalism
Students will develop an understanding of their place in the local and global community, work on their oral presentation skills, and learn to manage their time efficiently. 

Success in Secondary School
Students will explore strategies to help develop their resilience and independence, manage their emotions, explore study skills, and learn how to safely navigate and utilise the digital world. 

Communication Skills
Students will develop their ability to share ideas confidently and clearly, participate effective in group discussion, and stand up for what they believe in whilst also listening to, respecting, and acknowledging the viewpoints of others. 


Year 8

Travel and Nutrition
Students learn about global world we live in, gaining insights into nutritional science and the history of some of our favourite modern foods.

British Sign Language
Students will learn the valuable new skill of basic British Sign Language, develop confidence through presenting an assembly on the subject, and gain understanding of a world beyond their own circumstances. 

The Super Curricular Challenge
Students will select a topic of interest to them and create an academic-style project and presentation. They will need to think critically, and prioritise and manage their time effectively.


Year 9

Fast Fashion vs Eco-Fashion
Students will develop their collaboration and research skills, and think critically to evaluate issues surrounding sustainability in the fashion industy. 

Students will use their research and critical thinking skills to stand up for what they believe in, and will gain an increased understanding of the world around them. 

Embracing Wellness
Students will explore the multifaceted nature of wellbeing and how it differs for each individual. They will learn self-care practices, foster resilience, and enchance their own physical, mental, and emotional health.


Year 10

Ultra-Processed People
Students will take a look at the foods we consume on a regular basis and investigate issues surrounding ultra-processed foods, with an aim to develop healthy eating habits and challenge moral responsibility. 

Film Analysis
Students will aply their critical thinking skills to evaluate and interpret the ideology and themes in film.

Writer in a Box
Students will study a writer of their choice from beyond the Senior School curriculum. Designed to foster a love of reading and to celebrate literature, students will develop creativity and independent research and writing skills. 


Year 13

Criminal Psychology
Students will examine criminal case studies in a course designed by a former Scotland Yard Detective, using critical thinking to develop a better understanding of the world around them. 

Crochet and current affairs
Students will gain a new, mindful skill in crochet - the results of which are donated to Queen Elizabeth Hospital for premature babies. They also gain a deeper insight of current affairs through listening to podcasts and free discussion.


Students in Years 11 and 12 take part in community service and outreach activities during their enrichment lessons.

Year 11

Lewisham Donation Hub
Students will work with other volunteers to help organise donations and plan provisions. They will also help with fundraising campaigns for the hub.

Morden College
Students will both take part in and lead intergenerational activities with the Morden College residents.


Year 12

SHINE Masterclasses
Students will plan and deliver STEM-themed sessions to Year 5 students from the Brindishe schools, developing leadership and collaboration skills. 

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