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March 29th 2023

Standing ovations for west-end style 13 The Musical!

This year the school musical, 13 has made instant history at Blackheath High School. With nothing but positive feedback, and members of the audience even saying, “it felt like a West-End show”, 13 is packed with incredibly catchy songs, showstopping lifts and slick dance routines.  

The 13 experience started off as strongly as it ended. The talent shown during the audition process made it evident that this year the musical would be spectacular. In the auditions, students learnt the choreography to a dance, performed a song and workshopped an extract from the play. Rehearsals began on the last week of the winter term, and character development exercises and learning the opening number brought the cast instantly close together. The atmosphere of every rehearsal was immensely positive and packed full of energy. The 13 team shared many laughs and left the rehearsals with countless anecdotes to share with family and friends.  

This fabulous musical meant so much to everyone involved - the directors, cast, band and tech crew really built a close bond. The friendships that are formed in a school musical are really unmatched to anything else. There is so much trust and friendship that is formed when dancing, singing, and acting all together.  

Aside from rehearsals, the plot of 13 in itself is very moving. Everyone who heard the story of 13 was instantly able to relate to some part of it. Whether it be struggling to make friends, identifying right from wrong, or standing up to bullies – everyone saw a part of themselves in this show. Additionally, as touching as the plot is, the musical is also extremely funny. The jokes in 13 landed every time. The team knew the show would be remembered for its hilarity when the photographer could not stop laughing in the dress rehearsal.  

It is safe to say that 13 will be dearly missed by all. Everyone will feel such a sense of absence with the rehearsal-free afternoons and the lack of songs constantly being sung around school. Even parents of cast members will miss having their radios hijacked by the 13 album. The musical has truly been such a big part of people’s lives for the past ten weeks, and it is good to know that every minute has been worth it.  

Written by Grace, Year 12, 13 Cast member 


If you didn’t get chance to see this showstopping musical, watch the students’ Vlog and check out some of the fantastic photographs from rehearsals. 




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