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March 29th 2023

Celebrating creativity at STEAM Week

Every year in STEAM week we celebrate the creativity behind Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics with some quirky and fun activities.  

Our action-packed agenda featured a host of activities for Senior School students including: an assembly from Christina Acosta (US-based PhD candidate researching traumatic brain injury); a lecture from Brendan Sleight at multi-national electrical systems engineer Thales; seeing the ‘City Through the Eyes of A Rat’; Earthquake Proof Buildings; a visit from beekeepers; pewter panel making; bridge building; Tiny House designing; not to mention a plethora of competitions, quizzes & debates. Oh and once Year 13 had finished all the serious work they got to consolidate their understanding of tectonic processes – using Mars Bars! 

See highlights of the Thales lecture below and some of the great pictures from across the week. 

Gender equality in STEAM: a lecture from Brendan Sleight, Thales  

During our lunch period for Clubs '4A', we were lucky enough to have a STEAM lecture from Brendan Sleight, Head of Transformation at Thales group, and Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation (CHIT). Thales group are a multinational company that designs, develops, and manufactures electrical systems as well as devices and equipment for the aerospace, defence, transportation, and security sectors.   

Brendan has extensive experience of leading engineers, technical specialists, and operational teams within the transport industry. He shared the varied day-to-day elements of his job, as well as the exciting opportunities available to him as an engineer. He spoke about the travel opportunities to various countries such as Ghana to work on projects.  

Brendan spoke highly of his boss, a female engineer, and reiterated the importance of male allies in the STEAM sector. He shared how Thales Group encourages flexible working and are accommodating when it comes to working from home, childcare, etc. Our students went away feeling motivated that STEAM careers are progressing towards gender equality, and excited at the types of engineering projects they could be working on in the future.   

We hope our new partnership with Thales Group goes from strength to strength and our students are able to boldly go into STEAM careers. 


A visit from the Beekeepers 

The girls were fascinated by a Science Week visit from two local beekeepers and learning how different honey can taste and look depending on the type of flower they gather nectar from. The proof was in the tasting! The local honey (from Ruxley Manor, Eltham) was also on sale with a portion of the profits raised going to charity. 


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