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March 29

Ambition, Bravery and Curiosity at The Hive workshops

In the last few weeks of term, Years 3 and 4 took part in some great Outdoor Learning sessions run by ‘The Hive’. The sessions at the Sports Field were designed to focus on teamwork, being brave, being ambitious and fostering curiosity.  

Linking to their topic work, Year 3 learnt the skills cavewomen needed to survive. They built camouflaged shelters using knots, gathered firewood, lit fires to toast marshmallows and used knives to whittle wood. It was an exciting introduction to bushcraft, rooted in the ethos of Forest School.  

In Year 4, we extended the challenge, and the girls spent the whole day learning about the skills that were needed to survive in the urban jungle. They learnt how to build and decorate an urban survival camp, to forage for supplies, to use knives safely to make tent pegs, to split firewood, to lay and light a fire (without matches!) and finally how to cook on a campfire. 

It was a real day to remember; the girls had a great sense of achievement and tackled lots of new activities that carried risks and challenges with great bravery and responsibility.

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