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July 5th 2022

Year 2 visit Tower Bridge

Year 2 visit Tower Bridge as part of their learning journey on engineering & resilience. 

Engines, glass walkways, jumping buses and animation workshops – all came joyously to life when Year 2 visited Tower Bridge. 

As part of our curriculum focus on the book, 'Rosie Revere, Engineer', the girls have been investigating, designing, constructing and testing bridges. This trip forms an integral part of our learning journey about engineering and resilience. The main character comes to learn the importance of 'spectacular flops' and tenacity in the face of failure.  

The girls gained a world of knowledge and took part in interactive tours and exciting drama and computing workshops. Great bravery was evident when faced with navigating a glass walkway high above the River Thames, even with reassurances that it could hold the weight of two taxis and an elephant! We found out about when the bridge was built, how it operated by steam power in the past and how it works today. We also investigated the incredible story of bus driver Albert Gunter, who on 30 December 1952, miraculously jumped a double-decker bus across the open gap between the two bascules of Tower Bridge.  


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