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December 9th 2021

Mon Pere Ne Me Comprend Pas: Learning French Through Theatre

As part of our drive to bring joy in the teaching and to reward our French students after a very hard-working term, we could not resist the invitation to a play entirely in French!

Students Elena and Lara wrote their own review:

On the 9th of November, the Onatti Theatre Company came to perform a French play called ‘Mon père ne me comprend pas’. It was a comedic play that was easy to follow and very engaging. The story was about a girl on her birthday trying to get her family and friends to understand her better.

The plot was very entertaining and had many twists and turns. The actors in the play all spoke very clearly and pronounced their words well, which was very effective and helpful. In addition, the performers used gestures and props to help students understand the storyline better. This production was well suited to all age groups and the vocabulary was familiar to us all.

Overall, we think that the play was very amusing and a great way to learn French. Furthermore, it gave us a taste about what French conversation is like in a real-life situation. It also reassured us that we can understand French dialect well.

Written by Lara Howe and Elena Moss (Year 11)

The acting was really good and the performers helped the audience to understand by miming certain actions’ - Arwen

It was really good and the actors were engaging and comical. I liked the use of multimedia with other characters in the play virtually there that the actors could interact with. It was really funny and easy to understand.’ - Lucy

It made me more confident in my French as I understood all of what they were saying’ - Sixth Former

The play was well laid out and the performers spoke clearly and projected their voices, making it easier to understand what they were saying.’ - Orlane


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