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December 8th 2021

Exploring Chinese Culture Through Dance

Instead of their usual Mandarin lesson on Wednesday 8 December, our Year 8 students had the opportunity to instead participate in an elegant Chinese dance workshop, featuring classic hand fans and traditional Chinese dance music. 

The students had a wonderful time learning the specific techniques and immersing themselves into a traditional part of Chinese culture. 

"I really enjoyed learning about Chinese dancing and it was really fun learning some dance moves"
- Gracie 

"The Chinese fan-dancing workshop was really fun and interesting as we learnt different poses and movements with the fan, like how to open and close the fan by moving it up and down in the air."

"I found the experience very fun. I learnt how to incorporate fans into dancing and I found it really enlightening. I experienced a different culture, and I left the lesson really happy"
- Tiffany 

"I really enjoyed the Chinese dancing because it taught me about the culture and it was fun! I learnt how to do traditional poses and fan tricks."
- Tsukimi 

"I really enjoyed the lesson on fan dancing, I have never done it before so it was a great experience. I hope I can do more workshops like this in the future."
- Maude 

"I really enjoyed the Chinese dancing workshop. It was a very beautiful dance sequence we learnt and I had a lovely time. The dance teacher was very patient with us, and by the end we had learnt an elegant fan dance sequence."
- India 

"As much as we enjoy our Mandarin lessons, we were delighted to find out that we were going to do a Chinese dance workshop with a professional dancer. We arrived at the dance studio and the dance instructor was already there, she was ready with Chinese hand fans. She choreographed an elegant dance, teaching us it, step by step. We learned the choreography to the dance and the paired it with traditional Chinese dance music. The whole experience was fantastic and I know we would definitely do it again!"
- Melis 


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