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December 13

From Lawyers and Barristers to Surgeons and Psychologists: This Term's Wollstonecraft Speakers

We've had an incredibly inspiring array of speakers as part of our Wollstonecraft Speaker Series this term. Find out more about the guests we have welcomed below.

‘Life as a family Lawyer’ – Estella Newbold-Brown

Estella Newbold BrownThe Wollstonecraft Speaker Series got off to a flying start this term with Estella Newbold-Brown, who took us into the complex and often challenging world of family law. As a family law solicitor, Estella shared her experiences of difficult cases, revealing the diplomacy required for helping clients reach a satisfactory outcome.

‘In Black and White: a young barrister’s story of race and class in a broken justice system’ – Alexandra Wilson

Alexandra WilsonThe Law theme continued in October with a live presentation from criminal barrister and author, Alexandra Wilson. Alex’s passion for justice in the legal system inspired our audience, which included sixth form students from The John Roan School. Alex was also kind enough to sign copies of her book ‘In Black and White’ which we are proud to have in the Gadesden Library.

‘Modern Foreign Languages at Cambridge: an unforgettable degree choice’ – David Rennie

David RennieLater in October, David Rennie from the student liaison team at Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge helped us celebrate Modern Foreign Languages week. David shared his insights into what a career in languages can offer and debunked some of the myths regarding the Oxbridge application process.

‘The Accidental Career’ – Jessica Lewis

Jessica LewisIn early November, it was Jessica Lewis’ turn to impress students by explaining her role as Director of Index Product Delivery at the London Stock Exchange. Jessica shared valuable insights into her career journey, including the benefits – both professional and personal – of working abroad and the challenges of working in a predominantly male environment.

‘Daring Outside The Box’ – Michelle Joseph

Michelle JospehAt the end of November for the first time in Wollstonecraft history we had a Zoom call with Harvard University! Students heard from trauma and orthopaedic surgeon Michelle Joseph, visiting scholar at Harvard, whose impressive CV and passionate commitment to heath equity was truly inspiring. Michelle also donated copies of motivational books that she thought would interest BHS students to the Gadesden Library, ‘The Rise’ and ‘Grit’. Thank you, Michelle!

‘Human Factors: where psychology meets engineering’ – Vicky Cutler

Vicky CutlerThe last speaker of the Wollstonecraft Series for 2021 was Vicky Cutler, an ergonomist and human factors specialist. Vicky uses her understanding of how people think and behave to help people perform better at their job, design better equipment, and reduce the risk of serious accidents. It was fascinating to see where a degree in Psychology can take you!

Thank you to all our speakers who willingly gave their time to speak to and motivate our students and thank you to staff who have supported the Wollstonecraft Speaker Series through their contacts.


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