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March 26th 2020

A trip to the Jurassic Coast for Year 12

Last week, the Year 12 Sixth Form Geographer’s went to the Jurassic coast, the only UNESCO natural World Heritage Site in England!

The students used the opportunity to hone their fieldwork skills in preparation for their independent investigation. They began their trip with a visit to Poundbury, the sustainable town which is the brainchild of the Prince of Wales. The students also visited the stunning sand dunes of Studland and Swanage beach. The water and carbon cycle is taught in Year 13, so the students had a hands on session calculating how much carbon a tree contains and how many trees were needed to be planted to offset a flight.

The trip concluded at the stunning Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door. Recent rockfalls on the chalk cliffs had caused huge amounts of suspended sediment to enter the sea, giving the sea the most stunning colour. The Year 12s had a fantastic work ethic throughout and we wish them well in the write up of their investigations.

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