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March 26th 2020

Year 1 learn about different musical instruments of the world

As part of this term’s topic on the seven continents and the five oceans of the world, entitled ‘are we nearly there yet?’, Year 1 went on a journey across the globe to make models of musical instruments.

In Europe the girls received a design brief on how to make a model of a Spanish guitar. In Asia the girls’ design brief gave instructions on how to make a model of a Dizi, Chinese flute. In Africa the girls were instructed to work together to design and make a model of a djembe drum. In Australia the girls followed instructions from an aboriginal didgeridoo maker on how to make a model of a didgeridoo.

We now need to think about how we might make a banjo from North America before we embark on our South American design brief for making our own pan pipes model. We intend to finish the topic by exploring music which has been inspired by Antarctica and writing our own icy compositions.


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