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March 26th 2020

A weekend of climbing for Year 10 & 11

On the weekend of the 13-15 March the GCSE PE students in Years 10 & 11 travelled with Mrs Brooks and Miss Morrell down to Bude in Cornwall for a weekend of Climbing.

After a very early 5am departure we arrived in Bude for a picnic lunch and a walk by the canal to the beach. Then it was down to business! We went straight to the climbing centre for the girls to have a go at climbing indoors for a few hours, they all picked it up really well.

On the Friday evening they had a knot tying masterclass, that obviously got VERY competitive. On Saturday we had a hearty breakfast, took our packed lunches and headed to the quarry in Bodmin for some outdoor climbing. It was such an adventure with quite challenging weather and surfaces, the girls coped very well and there was a lot of tears - but only from laughing SO much! Saturday evening lead to more belly laughs when we went bowling for some down time. Sunday was the day the girls were being assessed so again we had a big breakfast, managed to do some traversing footage and then we headed to the climbing centre again. The girls faced this challenge in the most supportive way.

We are so proud of their attitude to the whole weekend and so pleased we managed to get their footage recorded before the end of term.

Written by Miss H Morrell
Written by Miss H Morrell


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