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February 13th 2020

Journeying the school in celebration of numbers

On Friday 7 February, students and staff at Blackheath High School celebrated ‘Numbers Day’.

Staff members wore badges with numbers relating to interesting facts about their subjects. For example, did you know that James Dyson produced 5127 prototypes of his vacuum cleaner and that the fastest tennis serve was 163.7 mph?

Students in Years 7-13 were invited to participate by finding the teachers wearing badges and asking them about why their number was significant. All year groups got involved and were very excited to learn about number facts. Mrs Glazebrook (our librarian) even created her own number based on book shelf numbers!

The winners of the ‘Number Day’ activity are Ezinne, Mabel and Roberta in Year 11! They only took four hours to complete the challenge. What a fantastic record!   


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