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February 13th 2020

Learning about the culture of Paris during Trips Day

Year 7 were involved in an exciting French language day earlier this term which was a virtual trip to Paris.

During the day, students learned about the history and culture of the city, performed in and created their own music video for the iconic song ‘Au Champs Élysées’ and prepared a French dish of Ratatouille.

At the end of a busy day, students watched the film Ratatouille in French.  

Here are some of the comments from the students:

‘I really enjoyed it - it made a perfect day’

‘It was a really good Trips Day!’

‘It was good because of all the different activities…’ ‘but maybe next time… we could go on a weekend to Paris’!

Many thanks to Miss Wood, Mrs Rosado and gap girl Sam for helping with this event.


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