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Thank you ! With one more term left in our 140th Year, there's still time to make a pledge which will have a positive environmental impact on our local area or wider world. Please email pledges to:


Well done to Ezie in Year 13 for the incredible accolade of being named among the 10 best Spanish students in the UK by the Spanish Embassy .


So wonderful to see kites being flown on the heath. Yet another reminder of our charmed location 🪁 Thanks for sharing


'Avant la pluie, je n'avais pas besoin de porter un manteau' - read more Year 9 French poetry along the theme of 'then and now' here:


For everyone missing music lessons and performances at school over the summer break, remember to check out Blackheath 's fantastic online Summer Courses. There's something for everyone - adults included:


Over the summer we are reflecting on the past 6 months, and how much we've learned as a community and team at Blackheath High School. Who knew we would become overnight experts in virtual events? Read the write-up of our successful forum here:


Learn more about 3+, 11+ and 16+ admissions to Blackheath High School at our pioneering Virtual Open Day on Saturday 26 September. Register here:


Combining our love of learning languages with our passion for food? Where do we sign up?! Learn more about how our students are getting involved with the Linguachef prize here:


We are so proud of Beatrix who won in the Years 7, 8 and 9 category with her poem 'PHOENIX' in the Laurie Magnus poetry prize. Read it here:


From the inspirational teaching team led by to the sun beaming through our iconic rainbow roof, it's easy see why our Junior School has been shortlisted for Best Prep School of the Year. Learn more at our Virtual Open Morning:


A round of applause please for our Duke of Edinburgh students who have completed a total of 481 hours of voluntary service to our community 👏👏👏


Our teachers are a talented bunch, but who knew that Mr Barnett is a former figure skater with experience in global championships? Read more here:


This is lovely, thank you so much for pausing and doing something positive & thoughtful for our shared ecosystem


If only everyone's Tuesday could be a Disco Day. Reception have the right idea 👩‍🎤🧑‍🎤🎙️


Thank you for sharing, and 😊


During 2020 our entire school community has risen to new challenges & our resilient spirit has prevailed. We have also been shortlisted for both Best Girls’ School & Prep School of the Year. Register for our 26 September Virtual Open Day to find out why:


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A quick fire workout to get you through to the weekend


We hope our Year 7 of 2020 are as excited to start as we are to welcome them ☺️


Welcome back Year 3!


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Blast your way through the rest of the week with this quick workout Get your heart bumping and body moving


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So nice to drop in on our and Year 5s enjoying our Senior School . Looking very mature and studious!


Quite the achievement - well done girls, and thank you for keeping us moving throughout the summer term! A real bunch of superstars 💫💫💫


A short and snappy workout for Wednesday morning from


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Hydration, hydration, hydration! Something we should spend more time ensuring Try this challenge to see if you are usually hydrated!


🎼The countdown to the premiere of our Summer Concert has begun! Still time to check you have popcorn in stock before the music starts at 6pm tomorrow:


A lot to look forward to in Sixth Form.


Creating new and healthy habits can be a real challenge - do you drink enough water? 🌊


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Try this 10 minute challenge to kick start your weekend Get it done!


Our Taster Morning experience this Saturday is so close we are ‘virtually’ there! There’s still time to register for those interested in joining Year 7 in 2021:


For anyone still needing to wake up today, this challenge is for you!


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Very good of to arrange such beautiful weather for me to greet our smiling girls at juniors this morning - I’m sure gate duty is like this all year round 🤣☔️


A wonderful example of Guided Home Learning - top work Misha.


We’re trying something a little bit different, join us this Saturday to see Blackheath High School through the eyes of a Senior School student. Year 5 girls and their parents can register here:


A huge well-done to everyone involved in the Virtual Senior School Sports Day. It's incredible seeing the Blackheath community keeping fit and supporting each other during lockdown.


Push, push Tilly 💪 - a great sports day effort!


Great work girls!


Good work on the 15km, Kate, and good luck on the dismount 🚴🏅


Bonus points for puppy compliance 👍👍


Brilliant. Good to see a family effort bright and early on this beautiful Monday ☀️


Let's get a tally going! Join in with Sports Day and let's see how many kilometres can we collectively walk, run or cycle today.

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February 13

Learning Chinese traditions in the Chinese New Year Assembly

Written by: Fia and Chloe, Year 7

We had a fantastic mandarin trip followed by an even better assembly! 

This was great and I think we all laughed. It was loud and fun, with many colours as well as seeming smiles from everyone. I found it a great experience and I think everybody who joins Mandarin should have a blast. I feel this really branches you out with other members of the class by having to work on co-operating with them on ideas, tasks, ideas as well as having to practice together.

This year, we had many things to rehearse and go over on, but, I will say, it was definitely worth it. This assembly boosted my confidence and I was grateful for getting to be a part of this. I hope more opportunities like these pop-up, because, it is just a bit of fun.

Being the dragon in the assembly gave me a new eye on things. I was in the moment rather than just watching from afar. Even though at the beginning, of the assembly I had to dance, I found it fun and I got a good giggle out of myself. You don't need raw talent to do this, you don't need to be loud and confident. You just need to work together. A big thank-you to Miss Chung, the organiser of this whole assembly. She has been such a wonderful teacher, providing us with costumes, masks, and my Dragon Head. She had gathered up a great song with a memorable poem. 

What we did:

Our assembly was laid out in a great way, providing everyone with equal roles and wonderful parts. We were split into groups, each with different tasks. I found this a great opportunity to work with people I don't usually work with as well as have an equal say on my behalf. There was a powerpoint group and the group I was in, a role-playing group. There was also a dance group who, who I will say, did a wonderful dance with a great choice of song. The powerpoint was also great as well as providing information on Chinese New Year. When we performed, I jumped across the stage with a Dragon head as well as bouncing up and down frantically. I honestly found this funny and enjoyable as I cracked smiles on people's faces.

After my Dragon dance, we all organised ourselves into places to sing our song. After the song, we also did a Chinese poem in Mandarin, with helpful translators for the audience. Once we had done those two, it was time for the dance to commence. The dance consisted of five people, all who held a fan. They did a marvelous job and I think they worked well as a team.

Then, we had the presentation. The presentation was a few slides on what the Chinese New Year was about and how they celebrated it. It also held information on the things they ate on Chinese New Year. It was colourful and I learned many things I had never heard of before.

Last, but not least, it came the time for our role-play. The role-play was about how the 12 zodiacs were assigned their places for the 12 years. It was great and we all had a lot of fun. We even had teachers playing three of the roles!

Overall, this was an absolutely brilliant assembly and I think anyone should be grateful to have this type of opportunity.

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