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September 21st 2018

Gracie Miller triumphed against all odds

Gracie Miller, 16, from Limehouse, was ‘on a Blackheath High’ after being awarded 7 As (7) and 2 B (5), despite battling a serious and debilitating illness throughout her GCSEs.

Born with Cystic Fibrosis, a genetic disorder that affects mostly the lungs, but also the pancreas, liver, kidneys, and intestine. This condition has meant Gracie has had to endure frequent visits to hospital throughout her life and entire school career, for treatments to clear her lungs and stomach, including a one week stay just before her GCSE exams.

Despite this condition, Gracie’s fearless attitude, grit and determination, nurtured by her support team at home and at school, has led her to not only succeed brilliantly academically with excellent GCSE results, but become a brilliant athlete too – focusing on her running and swimming.

To develop her passion for sport the school arranged work experience for her this year at Charlton Athletic FC, via a school alumnae. Gracie was able to gain experience working alongside the football team’s physiotherapists. Having been treated by so many NHS physiotherapists herself over the course of her life, and after her academic success, Gracie is now determined to follow this career path herself to give back and say thank you for all the help they have given her over the years. Gracie said ”I am so relieved after everything it has all turned out ok, I’m so excited now to be able to go to do my A-Levels.”

Head teacher, Mrs Carol Chandler-Thompson said “Gracie is a typical Blackheath High girl - modest, inspiring and incredibly talented. We are all in complete admiration of how she has coped with all the challenges that have come her way and the resilience she has shown and totally thrilled with her results.”

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