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September 21st 2018

The A-stars aligned for Ezie

Ezi Nnoham, 16 from Canary Wharf, was ‘on a Blackheath High’ after being awarded 10 A*s (2 x A* and 7 x 9)) despite the tough new GCSEs.  Subjects she topped include Latin, Computer Science, Advanced Maths, Spanish and Design Technology.

Ezi’s modest and quiet determination meant she was a focussed scholar, however this didn’t stop her giving back to the school community by being a Maths mentor, a School Ambassador and a Year 11 Buddy to welcome new students to the school.

Head Teacher, Carol Chandler-Thompson, “We were thrilled to be able to award Ezi with a bursary in order to be able to join Blackheath High School. It has been wonderful to see her take full advantage of all the opportunities here - academically and holistically – and thrive as a result. As a further mark of her success the school have chosen to give her the Leedham Science Prize for the Sixth Form which will enable her to stay on for her A-Levels, to help fulfil her potential. We are so proud of her hard work and determination.”

Ezi, who joined the school in Year 7, not only succeeded academically, but has also taken full advantage of the co-curricular activities during her time at the school. As well as being a member of the additional Maths clubs she is a key player in the Netball and Hockey clubs, as well.

On receiving her stunning straight A*s, Ezi said: “I’m overjoyed, overwhelmed and so excited to go on to study A Level Maths, Chemistry and Spanish with the aim of fulfilling my dream of studying Medicine at Oxford.”

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