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April 25

Expert code cracking for Maths Week

Year 6 kicked off Maths Week with a live demonstration using the Caesar cipher to decipher a secret message which was interactive, bold and inspiring. Then there was buzz and excitement as our code crackers worked on codes in their classrooms, at home and in the 'Escape puzzle room' in the gym. 

The Year 1 and Year 6 coding fair was thoroughly enjoyed by Mrs Skevington although she needed some help from the expert code crackers in Year 1! Each Year Group worked well in small groups to solve puzzles in their workshops and there was excellent communication and collaboration whilst solving each puzzle. Our ‘coding trail’ grew through the week in the hall with codes for our keen code crackers to solve in their own time. The codes included the Pigpen Cipher, Morse and even invisible ink! As Jasmine in Year 3 said: "This was the best Maths Week ever!"

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