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April 25

Cooking up a storm at Juniors

Cookery club takes place on a Thursday afternoon and has quickly become a lively highlight of the week, not only for the 12 Year 3 girls taking part, but also for the staff assisting our Head Chef Owen Lindsay. Each week, the girls eagerly wait to discover what the week’s recipe will be before preparing and baking a delicious sweet or savoury food.

At the club, they have the opportunity to learn about a variety of ingredients and their role in the recipe. For example, balancing wet and dry ingredients and the use of raising agents. Owen teaches the girls not only about the techniques involved in successful baking but also about measures, taste combinations and ways to enhance and personalise recipes, giving them a chance to explore and become adventurous with new, unfamiliar flavours such herbs and spices. Of course, cookery not involves following a simple recipe, the girls also have opportunities to learn about food hygiene and benefits of healthy eating. 

The girls leave the club each week with a lovely warm bag of delicious bakes to share with their families ranging from chocolate and orange cookies, to flapjacks, pizzas and savoury pastries. The girls’ knowledge and understanding of baking has developed quickly and it is always lovely to hear how their enthusiasm to cook at school is reflected at home too.


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