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April 25th 2018

Spotlight on Form Time

From being an opportunity to discuss the issues of the day or simply spend time together in a supportive environment, we take a look at Form Time with the help of Mrs Maddison, Deputy Head (Pastoral).

What is Form Time? 

When students arrive at the Senior School, they join a Form and are looked after by a Form Tutor (and sometimes an Assistant Form Tutor too). Twice a week, we have Form Time first thing in the morning, in place of assembly. This is an opportunity to spend time together, discuss issues such as current affairs or go through school council minutes for example. As students get older, there are opportunities to lead Form Time activities such as giving a presentation on a charity event.

What are the benefits of Form Time?

Form Time is an opportunity to spend time with the Form Tutor and discuss any issues that might have arisen. It is also an opportunity to spend time together as a Form in an environment that is supportive and encouraging. It is a time when students know that they will be able to talk to Form Tutors about any problems they may have. 

Who decides what is covered during Form Time?

Heads of Year provide a range of activities for Form Time. This year, Mr Gerrard (Head of History and Humanities Faculty) provided us with a running PowerPoint about influential women that we may not have heard of, that he adds to regularly. Current affairs, community events, fundraising and assembly planning all take place during Form Time.

Is there a particular aspect of Form Time that students tend to enjoy?

Students really enjoy Circle Time where they can discuss the issues of the day, whether in world politics or in Blackheath High School – it is always popular.


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