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January 17th 2018

Raising the fundraising bar at Christmas

Christmas seems like a distant memory now, but how successful was our fundraising? The second half of the Autumn term was dedicated, as is our tradition, to raising money for 'Crisis at Christmas'. In 2016, we raised £363, which meant that 13 homeless people got to spend the festive period in one of the Crisis shelters in the capital. To raise money this year, we had several bake sales and the term ended with a Christmas Jumper Mufti day. Added to this, we had a very successful Year 7 lunchtime Christmas Fair, so we were hopeful that our efforts would see us beat our 2016 total.

We set ourselves the ambitious goal of raising enough for 25 places in the shelters. However, thanks to the enthusiasm of the girls and the efforts of our RAGS prefects in Year 11, we met and even beat our goal. We raised an impressive total of £755 - enough for 28 places - well done! 


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