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January 17th 2018

Spotlight on Junior Maths

From long division to triangular numbers, Mrs L Nolan, Year 6 teacher, gives us an overview of Maths at Junior school and how much fun it can be!

Tell us about your background

I have been teaching Maths at Blackheath High for five years and have a First Class Honours degree in Psychology and Education. I have written a Maths textbook for teachers in Junior Schools and have edited mathematical publications for the DFEE (as it was then known).

What is covered in Maths?

We cover all aspects of the National Curriculum at increasing depth. At the moment, Year 6 have investigated the link between square and triangular numbers, and are moving on to prime factorisation and its use in finding the Highest Common Factor. Year 5 have investigated how triangular numbers are the result of adding consecutive numbers beginning from one, and are now moving on to using formula for area and perimeter.

Would you say it is a popular subject?

It is the most popular subject in the school I believe, and rightly so! The enthusiasm of our girls knows no bounds, but long division has been a hit in Year 6. Blackheath High Parents can watch our videos on Firefly if they are not convinced how much fun it can be!

What are the benefits of studying Maths at Blackheath High?

We present ideas in a fun but accessible way, so that everyone loves Maths and can achieve at their own level.


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