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January 17

60 seconds with Miss S Jackson

Miss S Jackson, Head of Modern Foreign Languages, talks to us about returning to the classroom, engaging students with language learning, and life outside of Blackheath High.

Tell us about yourself

I am the Head of the Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) Faculty and I teach French and Spanish from KS3-5. I started at Blackheath High in September 2017 and have worked in two other London schools as Head of MFL. For the last two and a half years, I was an Assistant Headteacher in a school in South West London. However, I missed being in the classroom so I decided to return to being a Head of Faculty.

How does your previous experience benefit the school?

I have taught a range of students of all different abilities - some who have studied languages at primary school, some who have never studied a language before starting secondary school and some who are bilingual. Being able to engage students with language learning and ensure they make good progress, regardless of their starting point, is a challenge but an enjoyable one.

What do you like most about your job?

No two days are ever the same! You can never predict what is going to happen from day to day and the students always have a way of making you laugh, no matter how tired you may be.

It is a real joy to watch students develop over the years, from their initial language lessons where they are learning to introduce themselves to the end of Year 13 where they are participating and engaging in political debates.

What makes working here at Blackheath High so rewarding and enjoyable?

The small class sizes mean that every student has the opportunity to excel. The staff are incredibly friendly and approachable and there is a real sense of wanting to support each other and the students.

What has been your biggest achievement at Blackheath High so far?

Co-ordinating the European Day of Languages for all the local primary schools within a few weeks of starting the job! 

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I love art and am a member of the Tate so I try to go to as many exhibitions as possible. I also enjoy cinema and travel, and try to make the most of the holidays as an opportunity to explore a new city or country.


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