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December 18th 2017

60 seconds with Mrs N Roberts, Year 1 teacher and Head of Key Stage 1

Searching for penguins and getting over 130 children on stage at the same time? It's all in a day's work for Mrs N Roberts, Year 1 teacher and Head of Key Stage 1. 

Can you tell us about your role at Blackheath High?
I am a Year 1 teacher and Head of Key Stage 1 and have worked at Blackheath High Junior School since January 2011. I teach Year 1 Maths, English, PE, RE, PSHEE and then through the Creative Curriculum, I teach Science, DT, ICT, the Arts and Humanities too. It is a wonderful way to teach and an exciting way to learn. At the moment, we are involved in an adventure about a penguin we have been searching for. We have experimented in Science, read stories and non-fiction books in English, designed boxes to help keep the penguin safe in DT, explored the route we will need to take in ICT, and much more, as we plan how to get her back to Antarctica!

What did you do before you joined us?
Before coming here, I was a prep teacher and Deputy Head of Girls’ Boarding in a school in Belfast, Northern Ireland for three years. I enjoyed working on my MEd at Queen’s University Belfast, while I was there. Before that, I taught for two years in a lovely school in Orwell, Cambridgeshire and before that, I taught in French primary schools in Angouleme for two years and loved it. I did my PGCE at the University of Cambridge and my honours degree in Psychology at the University of St Andrews in Scotland.

What do you like most about your job?
I really enjoy working with the girls. They are so enthusiastic and excited about every part of learning. I also love my colleagues. They are the best teachers I have ever worked alongside.

What makes working here at Blackheath High so rewarding and enjoyable?
I like working here because the girls always give their best and events are always top quality. The teamwork that takes place amongst the staff is really exceptional and I know everyone will help me out with anything. 

What has been your biggest achievement at Blackheath High?
I would say the last six nativities that the Year 1, Year 2 and Reception teachers have done – they have been pretty good! Getting over 130 children under the age of seven on the stage at the same time is quite an achievement each year.

What has been your biggest challenge at Blackheath High?
Nativities! Oh and, stepping in for Mrs Coles on the odd occasion at teatime music concerts. She is amazing so it is difficult to step into her shoes for musical events. Joining the Junior Leadership Team has been quite a big professional challenge and doing that, plus teaching and my Educational Doctorate at the same time is pretty challenging.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
I like running – you might have seen the tweets about Miss White, Mrs Coles and I running half marathons. Miss White and I try to do one every six months. I love art galleries, the theatre and also travelling.

Tell me something surprising about yourself 
I was born in Inverness in Scotland (but unfortunately lost my accent!) and my official name is not Nicky.

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