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November 29th 2017

A peek into the life of a Psychologist

On Tuesday 14th November, the Psychology Society hosted an exciting lecture by Dr Alison Beck, Head of Psychology and Psychotherapy at Maudsley psychiatric hospital. Alison gave an informative and engaging talk about the different pathways of Psychology and the occupations that a psychologist can train for beyond university. She also opened our eyes to what a privilege it is to be a psychologist - "you get a peek into people’s lives you can’t get in any other way".

As the talk progressed, Alison answered many questions from our girls including one on her thoughts into the power of positive Psychology, she advised us to force ourselves to focus on five positive thoughts for every negative thought that we have, and that the health consequences would be remarkable. We were also fascinated to hear about her experience as a clinical forensic psychologist, working with inmates that have committed some of the worst crimes imaginable. We were moved to hear about how people in these situations are so much more vulnerable and open themselves up in a way that no one else does - " it can help you learn a thing or two about yourself". She told us that the relationship you have with your patients is so much deeper than that of a doctor or psychiatrist. Alison really helped us understand the realities of being a psychologist and the incredible rewards that come with the career.


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