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December 18th 2017

Being a digital leader

Our Digital Leaders at Juniors play a vital role in our Computing curriculum and in the use of ICT across the School. We are very lucky to have a large team which consists of nine Digital Leaders, three girls in Year 3 and one girl from each class in Year 4, 5 and 6, who are supported by six Digital Ambassadors.

Being a Digital Leader is as much about developing leadership skills as technical competence. Before being selected, the girls were asked to submit a job application, where they were required to demonstrate that they had the skills and dedication needed to take on this important role. 

Our team members have a varied and interesting role. With new equipment, programs and apps being created daily, we need a core group of dedicated pupils to help keep the other children and adults up to speed. They test and trial new equipment making sure that they have found the best way of using it before anyone else does. The time to explore and experiment with this equipment happens during our Wednesday ‘Code Club’. Last term, we experimented with code bugs and helped to plan the exciting activities which were undertaken in Challenge Week.

Other duties include maintaining and setting up classroom equipment along with training other class members and staff on key apps, software and hardware. Our Digital Leaders are often the first port of call for any technical problems. An additional responsibility is to ensure that our school blog is updated with all the exciting events, learning and performances that happen regularly. Finally, our team are important at spreading the message of e-safety through all lessons and in a half termly assembly. With over 370 girls using ICT across the school our Digital Leaders have an extremely important role and responsibility. 


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