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May 10th 2023

A confident, considered submission for Design Future London

Since the beginning of the year, the Architecture Club, as part of a joint Geography and Design Technology venture, has been undertaking a challenge set by the Mayor of London and architect George Clarke. 

Bella, Laura, Anna, Sofia and Iris (Year 9) visited Croydon town centre to complete a site appraisal. They explored the town to understand the existing planning issues and limitations of future developments with a view to developing an accessible, environmental and community-minded solution. 

Back in the classroom, the design team worked collaboratively to identify a specific problem and build a solution. Their entry was outstanding, using a variety of materials to contrast a floating green bridge to connect different areas of Croydon that are currently isolated from each other. Their aims, ideas and detail behind the scheme were very well considered and presented for the final competition submission.

Fingers crossed for a win! 


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