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May 10

Awesome Azores

During the Easter holidays, 35 students from Years 8-12, together with Mrs Stevens, Miss Hickman, Miss Munroe and Miss Masters travelled to São Miguel, the largest island in the Azores archipelago, also known as the ‘Hawaii of Europe.’ In an itinerary that was jam-packed with Geography, there were two visits to thermal pools, one set among some botanical gardens, the other on the side of the Fogo volcano; a very insightful visit to a tea and pineapple plantation to learn how both are farmed; and a grand finale which involved going underground through some lava tubes!  

Throughout the trip, there were many Kodak moments to take in amazing volcanic scenery, as well as small hikes to immerse ourselves in the lush vegetation. The students were great fun to accompany to Portugal and I hope they had as great a time as the staff! 

Written by Mrs Stevens, Head of Geography 

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