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May 10th 2023

Museums, Maths Challenges & Mobile Zoos for Years 7-9 on Trips Day

Trips Day this term involved a whole host of exciting activities, here’s a snapshot of what each of the Year Groups got up to: 

Year 7 Maths Puzzle Challenge & Mobile Zoo workshop 

Year 7 encountered a variety of Maths challenges, most of which could feasibly be solved within a few minutes but required collaborative learning skills with careful strategic planning to find a solution. If the temptation to give up started to appear, students were motivated to persevere, put their own skills to better use as part of a team and overcome difficulties by approaching problems from a different perspective. 

In the afternoon Year 7s had a Science visit from the Mobile Zoo. Students got to meet a variety of animals up close, including Jim and Jemima the prairie dogs, Herman the tortoise, Millie the mimipede and Dorito the duprasi among others; and attended workshops on biological classification, adaptations and habitats. They also had the opportunity to complete a creative art activity based upon their encounters with the Mobile Zoo’s two adorable rabbits. 

Year 8 Plate tectonics at the Natural History Museum 

Year 8 visited the Natural History Museum as a joint Biology and Geography visit, immersing themselves in the excellent Earthquakes and Volcanoes exhibition to consolidate the learning from this term’s Geography lessons as well as visiting the ‘creepy crawlies’ display.  

Some reflective time was spent in the Wildlife Photography Exhibition - an exhibition which never fails to astound - where there were over a hundred stunning photographs depicting the natural world. Geographical themes such as climate change, water scarcity and resource exploitation could be seen in the photo synopses.  

Year 9 visit the Jewish Museum 

Year 9 enriched their classroom learning in PRE and History with an important visit to the Jewish Museum. Their bespoke workshops offered an insightful and thought-provoking approach to the Holocaust for students to build on their prior knowledge and understanding. Sessions were supported by looking closely at artefacts from the museum collection to stimulate deeper thinking and discussion. The museum also provided the opportunity for students to learn about the testimony of Holocaust survivors and refugees from Nazism. With workshops delivered by nationally recognised experts in the field, the trip placed strong emphasis on enhancing students’ thinking skills, enquiry, interpretation, analysis and moral development. 

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