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December 14th 2022

MFL hosts French play La Maison Hantee

Our French students had the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful show La Maison Hantée (The Haunted House) performed by Theatre Company Onatti in the School Theatre. It was compulsory for students studying French, however all students were welcome to come and watch the fun and educational performance!  

The play was a comedic rendition involving a hapless duo finding themselves in a haunted house during their quest for new accommodation. Friends Zoe and Antoine got into many scrapes including seeing water turning into blood, a criminal invading the house, moving paintings and an elderly phantom.

I really enjoyed how interactive this play was, getting everybody excited about the show and immersing ourselves in the French language. The cast encouraged the audience to practice French by joining in with the singing of Frère Jacques. Studies show that music helps us retain words and expressions much more effectively. The only improvement which comes to mind would be to add snacks and drinks into the mix! 

We all appreciated the lunchtime twist. Let’s hope many more plays like this take place in the future! 

Written by Nikita, Year 9 

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