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December 14th 2022

Junior School make a difference for Hedgehogs

The Year 2 School Councillors, Cara and Maisie researched facts about hedgehogs and how to help them as their numbers are declining. Our School Council then held an assembly for Years 1, 2 and 3 to learn about hedgehogs and what we can do to make a difference. 

By being aware of the dangers that hedgehogs face we can make small changes to our gardens to help keep them safe. You could make a hedgehog highway by making sure there are holes in fences so hedgehogs can travel to find food and water. Also ensure any ponds have a slope or ramp so if they fall in they can get out again. Try to leave an area of your garden wild to encourage bugs and worms for food and a pile of leaves so hedgehogs can use it as their bedding. 

The School Council then told everyone about an inspirational lady who runs a hedgehog rescue in Pluckley in Kent, called Thorne Hedgehog Rescue. Lisa Steward started the rescue at the beginning of the summer after finding an injured hedgehog in her garden. She had to drive miles to the nearest rescue and realised there was a need for the service in her area and decided to take action. She had to train with other Kent rescue centres and has converted her garden and parts of her house to create a hospital and a safe place for hedgehogs to recuperate. Lisa has raised funds to purchase incubators and provide food and has cared for over 100 hedgehogs since the start of the rescue.  

She always needs donations of newspapers, tea towels and food for hedgehogs or poultry-based cat food. School Council have asked for donations of these items to help make a difference and support the rescue.  

Everybody enjoyed learning a song Hedgehog Highway from Out of the Ark and Year 1 have been busy creating hedgehog artwork. Excitement spread when a real hedgehog house with not so real inhabitants visited KS1. 

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