November 18

Our diversity truly makes this school an exciting place to be

We began the week at Juniors by celebrating Diwali. The girls dressed up in colourful clothing, danced, decorated diya lamps and ate Indian inspired food. The sound of Indian music filled the school and it was impossible to not want to dance once you heard it.

It was great to listen to girls in my class speak with pride and confidence about how they had celebrated over the weekend with their families. The Festival of Lights was a timely reminder that together we can get through the darkest times.

As a school, we not only value what other cultures have to offer but actively encourage contributions from our diverse school community. In PSHEE, the girls learn to recognise and respect different cultures. Throughout Juniors we are covering ‘Celebrating Difference’ this half term in PSHEE lessons. We all work through the same topic but the discussions and activities change as the girls progress through the school. This topic focuses on similarities and differences. We are teaching the girls about diversity and are covering disability, racism, power, friendships and conflict. Your girls are taught that everyone has a right to difference. We also explore the concept of bullying – what it is and what it isn’t. The girls have had an assembly on anti-bullying this week and are today wearing mismatched socks to further raise awareness. It is a fun way to encourage them to express themselves and celebrate their individuality.

There is never a dull week at Juniors! Our diversity makes the school an exciting place to be and in the words of Leo Tolstoy:

All the diversity, all the charm, and all the beauty of life are

made up of light and shade.


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