October 13

Covid-19 has not stopped our girls from thriving

As we approach the half term break, I have been reflecting on the extraordinary resilience and adaptability shown by our girls and indeed our whole community. We have not just “managed” a full half-term in school without the need to send home year groups, some aspects of school life have actually improved!

Our staggered start times at Juniors have led to unprecedented levels of punctuality with all year groups in swiftly; happily and actively learning by 8.40am. In particular, Nursery and Reception girls. Parents and teachers have done an incredible job together to make the fastest drop-off routine I have ever seen.

Lunches and break-times are similarly well managed with immaculate timings, allowing a tremendous focus on the curriculum and making every moment count. Teachers are already saying they are further ahead in the delivery of their subjects than ever before.

I have also watched our Year 6 girls rise to the occasion and, even in these first few weeks, start devising Covid-safe ways to carry out their roles of responsibility. A KS2 general knowledge competition is soon to be rolled out by the Head Girl team, the Junior School executives are working hard on a socially distanced way to celebrate our school dog, Florence’s birthday and there are many more plans being hatched by the rest of the prefects.

While it is fabulous that our academic standards are thriving, our school has always prided itself on combining academic excellence with a broad and, frankly fun, culture of activities which promote confidence, collaboration and all those soft skills so essential in life. Covid-19 won’t stop the Year 6 girls being great role models and it certainly won’t stop us ensuring that the next half term has performance opportunities for all and with clubs back on the Junior menu and KS2 gymnastic competitions filling the last days of term there is much to look forward to.




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