February 12

A new GDST mentoring app to help our girls WITH their chosen careers

App plugs pupils into the old-girl network” read the Times headline last week referring to the new, recently launched partnership with Rungway.com.

The app gives every GDST Sixth Form student the ability to connect with the GDST’s 70,000 strong alumnae family, taking advantage of being part of the largest group of girls’ schools in the country. Students can post a question anonymously from a computer or smart phone, and have it picked up and answered by one or more of the app’s mentors. Mentors may be an alumna, a member of staff or even a peer, and questions might typically be around university courses, insights into careers or advice about internships or work experience.

As the Times explained, “Face-to-face mentoring with old boys and girls has given generations of well-connected schoolchildren a leg-up in their chosen careers”. This was recognised by Cheryl Giovannoni as she shared her vision “of connecting each girl with someone in the network, who can provide careers advice, support and inspiration, and answer any questions she may have across any and every field of study or career path.

In March 2018, the GDST asked Student Council what they thought of the idea of having access to mentors, and how this might work best for them. The Council reported that the style of mentoring they’d most value was one that was immediate, flexible, gave them wide access, and did not require a long-term commitment or relationship. It was from this that the digital platform was explored, piloted and eventually launched across the 25 schools.


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